Dussehra fair organized in China, Ramlila is a special attraction | Grand Dussehra fair organized in Beijing, Ramlila is a special attraction – Bhaskar

Digital Desk, Beijing. Dussehra, the festival of victory of Lord Rama, commemorates the day when Shri Ram killed the tyrannical Ravana and freed this earth from sin. The tradition of celebrating Dussehra has been going on in India for centuries. In keeping with this tradition, the Embassy of India in Beijing organized a grand Dussehra fair on the occasion of Dussehra on 10 October.

The special attraction of this Dussehra fair was Ramlila, which was organized for the first time in China. The performance of a brief Ramayana covering all the main scenes of Ramayana touched the hearts of the people. In this Ramayana staging of about half an hour, Ramlila was presented in the form of a story by Sita Swayamvar, Ram exile, Shiva devotion of Ravana, Ram-Hanuman meeting, Ram-Ravan war etc. Ramlila mesmerized the ambassadors and embassy officials of many countries attending this Dussehra fair. Apart from this, Diya Dance was also included in Ramlila, in which all the visitors also got a chance to join in the dance by lighting a lamp. Everyone celebrated the festival of Dussehra with gaiety by lighting a lamp.

After the Ramayana staging, people celebrated the victory of good over evil by burning an effigy of Ravana and using fireworks by the Indian Embassy. The whole embassy resonated with the sound of firecrackers. In the end, everyone was impressed by the characters of Ramlila and posed for photos with them. Over 1,800 people, including a large number of Beijing-based diplomats, members of the Chinese and Indian expatriates, participated in this cultural festival organized by the Indian Embassy to celebrate Dussehra. The Dussehra fair lasted from morning till night in which about 28 stalls were set up. Stalls like various Indian artefacts, food-sweets, handmade candles thronged since morning. The whole scene looked as if it had actually entered an Indian market. The colorful stalls, the aroma of fresh sweets prepared in ghee, the sweet smell of spices attracted everyone.

These stalls were put up together by the families of Indian diplomats and a large number of Indian expatriates. Indian Ambassador Vikram Misri’s wife Dolly Misri said the money earned from home-made candles by the Embassy’s Spouse Club would be donated to charity. Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Rajasthani Folk Dance, Tamil Folk Songs, Garba Dance, Bollywood Dance etc. were performed in this fair. In addition, students from local Indian yoga schools also performed several yoga postures.



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