Due to shame, you too cannot say the matter of the heart? Why do you feel ashamed, know

Psychology Of Shyness: If you are also a target of people because of your shy nature, then you are in dire need to know about this feeling. Or feel constantly when others contact them. It can be called a reaction to fear. Psychology Today According to the report published in the research, there is a neurobiology of shyness which works in the brain in a specific circuit of neurons in the same way that music is orchestrated in an instrument, but it contains the Repertoire ) Instead we have nature. Along with this, our environment also has a great impact on shyness. For example, our parents’ ways of nurturing us and life experiences also determine our shame or not. Today we are going to tell you why you are ashamed.

What is the reason for shame

Some of our special characterists are held accountable for shame. For example, self-conscience, negative thinking for oneself, low self-steam, and fear of being judged and rejected by others. Shy people often make their unrealistic social comparisons to others, comparing themselves to the most lively ones and believing that others are consistently undervaluing them, shy people losing new social opportunities, resulting in their own They fail to improve social skills.

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Shyness is the result of excessive self-consciousness, negative self-evaluation and being self-preoccupation in thinking negatively about oneself. A person starts to feel like himself from the age of 18 months, so it can be said that people cannot be born shy. About 20 percent of children are born with a highly reactive temperament, but this does not guarantee that they will be shy or fail to change their behavior.

Why are children shy?

If seen, both biological and environmental factors are responsible for shame. Children born with different temperaments and children born with a very sensitive temperament are often more likely to have a shy nature. However, supportive and sensitive parenting can become a safety barrier for children against shame or social anxiety.

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There are differences in shy and introverted nature:

Being shy and introverted are both different natures. Introverts feel energetic even when they are alone, while shy people often want to connect with others, but do not know the anxiety caused by human interaction and judging by others How to overcome fear of going.

How to overcome shyness:

Shy people can successfully face social challenges without changing their identity. Researchers have found that it is often better for people to accept their shame and in such a way they can free themselves from the feeling of being self-conscious. For this, their self-confidence can be increased by making a solid strategy. The shy people should go there instead of avoiding social events. For this, he can practice to increase his social skills before going to this event. For example, he can practice some questions and talking points in order to talk in advance. They can also practice to expect positive results by changing the mindset thinking of getting their negative reaction.

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This type of shyness will stop

By preparing beforehand to deal with any social situation, you can focus on what can be right, apart from what can go wrong. Prepare questions and stories to ask others that you want to share with them. Keep curiosity for others and you can get rid of shyness by being gentle in your own criticism.

Give shame mother

Shame does not disappear on its own. Shy people are most successful when they understand and accept their shy nature and then work on the basis of this self-awareness. They believe that a small thing cannot be said naturally, so they plan for it in advance. Rehearses questions and anecdotes, and arrives early at a social event to feel comfortable in a new setting. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)


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