Due to Corona, viewers will not get entry in Premier League matches again

Due to Corona, viewers will not get entry in Premier League matches again

Six Premier League (EPL) clubs in the British capital will not allow spectators to visit the stadium, given the restrictions imposed due to the escalation of Corona virus cases in London. The decision of the British Government will come into effect from Wednesday. This would allow only four top clubs to hold 2000 spectators in the stadium.

These clubs are Everton and Liverpool on the west coast and Brighton and Southampton on the south coast. Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Tottenham and Westham matches will not see the spectators. Two weeks ago, spectators were allowed to visit the stadium.

It is noteworthy that an alert has been issued for the third wave of corona infection in Britain. Cases of infection are increasing across the country.

In view of the current conditions, new restrictions and stringent regulations related to Kovid-19 will be implemented across the country. Recently in London, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock gave this information to MPs.

He also said that we have identified a new type of corona virus that can spread rapidly in the southeast of England. Because early studies have shown that this new type of corona virus is growing faster than existing variants. He said that currently more than 1000 cases of this new variant have been identified. It is rapidly gaining footing mainly in South England.


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