Dravid-Kohli a great combo, this will be their effect on Team India

The Indian cricket team has been in the news recently due to some wrong reasons. Before leaving for South Africa, Indian captain Virat Kohli’s press conference created a storm and Sourav Ganguly was also dragged into it. Thankfully he had a trouble-shooter for Indian cricket. We know him as the new head coach of the Indian cricket team, Rahul Dravid. Having played with and under his captaincy, Rahul bhai, I can tell you that if there was ever a man to steer an Indian team ship, it was Dravid himself.

Dravid proved himself on these occasions

I say this with confidence, because Dravid himself has seen many ups and downs in his time as a former India cricketer and captain. When Greg Chappell was present as the coach, Rahul Bhai was captaining India. In 2013, when the IPL spot-fixing controversy happened, Rahul Dravid was the captain of Rajasthan Royals. These conditions tested Rahul Dravid as a captain, but he came out on top. Rahul Dravid’s talent, calm nature, ability to handle arrogance and above all his selflessness has worked in his favor.

Team bonding will help a lot

It is a good thing for Team India that it is currently playing cricket abroad. If the players of Team India stay away from social media and news here and there, then this controversy can be easily buried. Being in a bio-secure bubble will allow players to spend more time with each other. I can tell you from my experience as a support staff with Delhi Capitals that the Bio-secure bubble helps a lot in team bonding. Also, I am sure Dravid will get enough time to focus on the first Test match.

Dravid-Kohli a good cocktail

The entire cricket world must be watching how the Rahul Dravid and Virat Kohli combination works. One is fire, the other is ice; One likes to lead from the front, the other to push from behind. Both have a strong desire to win, want to prove themselves better in front of their opponents. The Dravidian-Kohli is certainly a great cocktail, but don’t expect it to taste good right away.

Rahul Dravid will not interfere much

It will take time to mix different ingredients into the personalities of Rahul Dravid and Virat Kohli. Till that happens, we all have to be patient and try to understand the processes that will sustain this pairing. Dravid is one of those coaches who will not interfere much. If I know him well, he will let both the captains put their stamp of authority on the group.

Rahul will work to calm the dressing room

Another thing that will happen under Dravid’s leadership is consistency in selection. While he will allow Kohli to take the final call on the players he wants in the playing XI, he will also give chances to deserving players. This is the first step towards making a secure dressing room a winning dressing room. Dravid’s presence as the head coach will also help Kohli. Kohli has an amazing ability to convert half-centuries into centuries. Ajinkya Rahane and Dravid know each other very well. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Rahane 2.0 in the times to come. Technical details aside, Rahul bhai will do the job of calming down the young dressing room.

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the personal views of the author)


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