Dragon’s Eye Lake: The love story between two giant dragons started here, people come from all over the world to see!

Nature always surprises us humans. Many such miracles are seen in its lap, seeing which a person just gets into thinking how this happened and what is the story behind it. One such beautiful place is Kagami Numa, which is a mythical Japanese lake. It is believed that this lake looks like a dragon’s eye.

Let us tell you that the specialty of this lake is that every spring during the thawing process, a giant eye of the dragon starts appearing, hence its nickname Dragon’s Eye Lake. For information, let us tell you that Thawing means the melting of an object after it has solidified.

According to the information, this lake is located in the middle of a dense forest, near the summit of Mount Hachimantai in North-Eastern Japan, compared to many other volcanic lakes present in the Kagami Numa region. Looks no different but for about a week from May to early June it turns into a giant blue eye after which it has been given the interesting nickname, Dragon Eye Lake. The circular lake is believed to depict the love story of two dragons during this one week, according to the belief that they meet through the waters of this lake.

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However, many people do not believe in this belief and keep science above it. According to science, during the melting of snow in spring, due to the pressure from the depth of the water, the ice collects only in the middle of the lake, due to the blue water around it, a pupil-like shape is formed. According to the information, in windy weather, a piece of snow moves in the middle, seeing that it seems that the pupil of the eye is moving. It is a fascinating natural phenomenon, and it is no wonder that many people from all over Japan and even from abroad come to Mount Hachimantai to see it.

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