Don’t give speeches to India on freedom of speech, democracy: Union Minister to social media companies

Union Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad (File photo)


Union Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Saturday asked social media platforms not to give speeches to India on “freedom of speech” and “democracy” and reiterated that if “these profit making companies” want to make money in India, they should “The Constitution of India and Indian Laws” have to be followed. Delivering a lecture on ‘Social Media and Social Security and Criminal Justice System Reform: An Unfinished Agenda’ organized by Symbiosis International University as part of Symbiosis Golden Jubilee Lecture Series, the Minister said that the new Information Technology (IT) guidelines related to the use of social media. but deal with “misuse” and “misuse” of social media platforms.

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Prasad said the new IT rules announced on Friday provide a mechanism to the users of these platforms to resolve their grievances. The purpose of these laws is to regulate content on social media firms and to make Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter more accountable to legal requests to expedite the removal of posts and to share details of originators of messages, he said. . “Under the new rules, social media companies are required to deploy India-based grievance redressal officers, compliance officers and nodal officers to provide a platform to crores of social media users to redress their grievances,” Prasad said. He said that no one is asking for “world” from him by asking for appointment of three officers based in the country for this purpose.

He said, “These are basic needs. I would like to reiterate that India does not need a lecture on freedom of speech and democracy from a for-profit company based in America. There are free and fair elections in India, independent judiciary, media, civil institutions. I am here talking to students and listening to their questions and this is real democracy. That’s why we should not give speeches on democracy to these profit making companies.” Prasad, who also holds the responsibility of the Ministry of Law and Justice, asked, “When Indian companies go to the US to do business, do they not follow US law? You make good money, make good profit because India is a digital market, no problem here. Criticize the PM, criticize me, ask tough questions but why won’t you respect Indian laws? If you want to do business in India then you have to follow Indian Constitution and Indian law.

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