Dogs Marriage: The dog did a photoshoot at his wedding, people said – this was all it was to see

You must have seen a lot of weddings and also seen Wedding Photoshoot, but a unique wedding video is going viral, seeing that you also find the song ‘Groom Ka Sahara Suhana Lagta Hai’ from Dhadkan Movie. ‘ Will be remembered. The surprising thing is that this is not a human but a dog wedding shoot.

Actually, a video has been put on the Instagram account of @24_birds_animals username, in which it is shown that a pair of dogs have been married. You will be able to see that the female dog has a bindi, a pallu is kept on the head and a hair wig and earrings are also hanging on it. Along with this bride (Female dog as bride), a male dog is standing as groom. Both have a garland around their necks. Perhaps seeing this, you may remember the scene of Rajkummar Rao and Jhanvi Kapoor’s film Roohi, in which Rajkummar Rao is married to a female dog. However, to get rid of a witch here, not only humans and dogs, but dogs have been married.

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Seeing this unique wedding photoshoot of dogs, people are also unable to stop themselves from commenting. Till now thousands of people have watched this video and are also commenting fiercely on it. Seeing this video, a user commented, ‘That was all that was left.’ At the same time, a user said, ‘Cute but do you know they are tortured.’ In the comment section of the video, some people are also tagging their friends to tease them. At the same time, a user jokingly said that the aunties must be saying that the pair was not mixed properly.

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