do u know? What will be the salary of the head of state and ministers of Afghanistan – do you know? how much will be the salary of the head of state and ministers of afghanistan | do u know? How much will be the salary of the head of state and ministers of Afghanistan –

Digital Desk, Kabul. It’s been almost a month since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. The Taliban has formed a 33-member provisional government in Afghanistan. Mohammad Hassan Akhund has been appointed as the Prime Minister of Afghanistan. After all, what will be the salary of these people involved in the government?
If the Ashraf Ghani government is seen in Afghanistan, then the head of this government i.e. the President and other ministers used to get huge salaries. Apart from this, the salary of government officers and employees was also fine. If India is compared to Afghanistan, then Afghanistan is much cheaper than its country. At present, the currency of Afghanistan 01 Afghani is equal to 85 paise of India. Now let us know, how much salary the President, Vice President and Ministers used to get in the Ashraf Ghani government.

President Ghani used to get salary in the previous government

Ashraf Ghani became the President of Afghanistan in September 2014. He remained in this position for about 07 years. He fled the country on 15 August after Taliban forces entered Kabul. Official records show Ghani’s salary was $13,400. That is, about 11.5 lakh Afghans in Afghan currency. If you convert it into Indian currency, then it will be 9.83 lakh rupees. Ashrafgani was one of the most well-paid heads of state in Asian countries.

How much will be the salary of Talibani Prime Minister

Now it remains to be seen how much the Taliban government decides its salary. If this happens like the previous government, then the salary of the Prime Minister of Afghanistan, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, will be around 10-11 lakh rupees every month. By the way, the salary of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, who showered grace on Afghanistan, is about 24 lakh rupees annually. That is, about 2 lakh rupees every month is the salary of the Pak PM.

Salary of the Vice President in the previous government

Amrullah Saleh was the Vice President in the previous government in Afghanistan. His salary was 960,000 Afghani in Afghani currency. That is, 8.19 lakh rupees according to Indian currency. Two deputy prime ministers have been made in the Taliban government. Their names are Mulla Abdul Ghani Baradar and Mulla Abdul Salman Hanif. They should also get government accommodation, security, vehicle as well as about the same salary.

Salary and facilities of former MPs

The previous parliament of Afghanistan has been dissolved on 15 August 2021. Earlier this Parliament had two organs. Mashrano Jirga i.e. House of Elders, which had 102 members. The second organ of the Parliament was the Walshi Jirga, or the House of Peoples. It had 250 members of parliament. At that time in Afghanistan, the salary of every MP was 195,000 Afghan in Afghan currency. Together they were provided with phone facility, food facility and two security guards were provided.

What was the salary and facilities of the ministers?

Afghan government ministers were paid slightly more than parliamentarians. They were provided with accommodation facilities, car, security, phone and office facilities. The Taliban government can also give similar salaries and facilities to its MPs.

How cheap or expensive is it to live in Afghanistan?

House rent is expensive in Afghanistan, so food, drink etc. are cheap. There the cost of living and rent are both lower than in India. Cereals, eggs, milk and meat etc. are cheap. Dryfruits are very cheap and fruits are also very cheap compared to India.


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