Do this to avoid malaria, take care of cleanliness as well

Do this to avoid malaria, take care of cleanliness as well

A mosquito bite called female anopheles causes a disease called malaria. Malaria is relieved by taking the prescribed dose when a malaria test is done in time. Malaria causes fever due to cold. Today we will also tell you how to avoid it.

Let us tell you that 25 April is celebrated as World Malaria Day. By the way, most cases of malaria occur during the rainy season. Because mosquito infestation increases due to waterlogging, inundation etc. in this season and during this time, female Anophilias mosquito bites cause malaria.

You will see some symptoms when there is malaria. Based on these symptoms, you can get treatment by getting a malaria check. If you have malaria, you will get fever due to cold. Headache and vomiting may also occur with fever. When the fever subsides, there will be high sweating and fatigue. Some people also have diarrhea. Difficulty in breathing, difficulty in breathing deeply. So, as soon as you see the symptoms of malaria. You get it checked immediately and get treatment.

Caution is very important to avoid malaria. If you keep your surroundings clean and clean, then the malaria outbreak will not touch you. Malaria mosquitoes thrive in the water stored for a long time. Therefore, do not allow water to accumulate around you. Try to remove the frozen water. If there is water filled in the house, broken pot, tire cooler, etc., remove it. Spray lavender oil with citronella and eucalyptus oils. It can also be used by pouring its liquid into the refill. Smoke neem leaves. This will cause mosquitoes to run away and die. Mosquitoes are not able to tolerate the smell of garlic. So boil some garlic cloves in water and spray it around your house. To avoid mosquitoes, burn the cup of camphor and put it in the corner of the room. This will avoid mosquito outbreaks. When you are more mosquito, you sleep in a mosquito net.

In this way, if you avoid mosquito bites, then surely there will be no problem of malaria.


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