Do not forget to drink water immediately after consuming these things, reaction may occur

Digital Desk, Delhi. Water is considered very good for our health because it keeps the body hydrate and prevents many diseases. Therefore, at least one person must drink 6 to 10 glasses of water every day. But do you know that there are some things, drinking water immediately after consumption can cause a reaction and can make you sick. Let us tell you what those things are.

Melon or Watermelon

  • Do you know that after eating watermelon and melon, one should not drink water immediately because water is found in excessive quantity in watermelon.
  • If you drink water immediately after eating it, then there may be problems of stomach acidity, bloating and bloating.

Cucumber Cucumber

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  • A good amount of water is also found in cucumber and cucumber, so do not drink water immediately after its consumption.
  • Please tell that, it contains about 95 percent water. Which is fulfilled by the lack of nutrients in your body after eating
  • If you drink water immediately after eating this, then the digestive system will be affected and diarrhea, diarrhea may be the problem.

Roasted chickpeas

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  • One should not drink water immediately after eating roasted gram or gram chaat.
  • Doing this can cause pain in your stomach.


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  • Do not consume water immediately after eating peanuts because the peanut effect is hot.
  • The nature of peanuts is also dry, due to which you may have a cough problem.

hot milk

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  • Water should not be drunk immediately after drinking hot milk or tea.
  • This can even cause you to have nose bleeding.


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