Do not drag your friends’ legs on these 4 occasions, mutual distance may increase

If your friend is unhappy, do not take his words lightly. Image Credit: Pexels / Elly Fairytale

Friendship Tips: Sometimes there are some situations when the make fun of friends (friends) does not like and good friends also break up.

Friendship Tips: Friendship means fun and lots of laughter. This is the reason why everyone likes to live among friends. In both happiness and sorrow, friends care about us and take care of us despite all the mistakes. Laughing jokingly pulled each other’s legs and even jokingly, the friends understand their responsibility and authority, but sometimes there are some situations when the friends do not like this make fun. In such a situation, humans start making distance with friends and good friends keep breaking. So let us know which are those occasions when friends should not be made fun of or else the consequences are bad. 1. Do not joke if broken heart If your friend is unhappy, do not take his words lightly. If he wants to share his feelings with you, then listen to him. Many times friends tell some jokes about this and start having fun. Do not do this at all. Don’t give them free knowledge like parents. Listen with full patience so that your friend can get out of the heart. By doing this, your friends will always be there. Also Read: Toxic Positivity: Are You Not A Victim Of Toxic Positivity? Know what are its symptoms2. Do not doubt his ability Many times people fall in such a situation when their ability to be doubted and we start to feel worthless. We are not able to share such things even in front of our family members. Even if you dare to talk to someone and they did not take our things seriously, then the mind gets spoiled. If your friend is going through this kind of mood and is telling his shortcomings in front of you, then instead of adding two-four things to his list of shortcomings, remind him about his good, special qualities. While doing this, do not get in the mood for any fun. Genuinely fill it with positivity. 3. Do not joke if you need a house
There are many times in life when we come out of our comfort zone and do some big thing which may require a lot of hard work in the future and many new challenges will come. At such a time, friends need encouragement. In such a situation, if you do not make fun of him, but encourage him. If there are some challenges and he shares with you, listen to his words patiently and encourage him that he is handling everything very well. It should not happen that friends start blowing their shells together. Read also: Does your husband value your family more than you? Know what to do in such a situation 4. If the hand falls on her sore vein by mistake We all remember to keep our hands on the pain and pain of friends during college and school days. But as we all have grown up with aging, laughter and funny things seem more at heart than before. In such a situation, if your friend is really unhappy about something, then do not make fun of him at all. Even if its reason seems ridiculous. If you make a joke, then its misery will increase rather than lessen. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)


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