Do body ache in elderly without disease, do gentle aerobics

Do body ache in elderly without disease, do gentle aerobics

I have been in full body pain for three to four months. I have shown many doctors. He says that there is no problem. Follow the right routine. – Anand Raj Singh, 76 years, Kota

If doctors say that you do not have any disease then it means that there is no serious or major disease. There is a disease called fibro myelgia. There is pain in the body but the cause is not known. In such cases, the patient starts having mental trouble due to not finding the cause of pain.

This is called chronic wide spread. Pain can be reduced by making lifestyle changes. Sometimes, some medicine and physiotherapy also provide relief. Gentle aerobics is recommended to such patients. Sometimes these patients also need counseling. Counseling removes the negativity inside them. In this way, pain is also relieved.

Intervention pain management also provides comfort  Sometimes a pinched nerve causes pain. In this case, some medicines or injections are also applied under intervention pain management. These reduce the blockage or swelling in the veins. This gives the patient comfort.

Gentle aerobics provides relief in body pain during old age. It comes with low impact exercises such as walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, pranayam-meditation etc. Exercise around 30-45 minutes daily at this age. Walk a little after dinner in the evening. Sleep on time and wake up.

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