Diwali 2020: Try this WhatsApp feature to send a greeting message with your photo

Diwali wishes 2020: On the occasion of the holy festival of Diwali, everyone sends a greeting message to their loved ones. But if your mobile app has the feature of sending personalized wishes, then the task of sending greeting messages with your photos becomes even easier.

There is also a feature personalized on WhatsApp that only a few people know about. Using this feature, you can send greeting messages to your loved ones through Facebook and WhatsApp status with your photo. You can use this special feature of WhatsApp through a trick, which we are talking about here-

Download these apps-
To use WhatsApp’s Personalized Photo Sterer feature, you will need to download Background Eraser and Personal Stickers for WhatsApp (Personal Stickers for Whatsapp) apps. After this, you can prepare a greeting message with a picture.

Here’s how to make your sticker
1- Erase the background of your photo with the help of this app. For this, you can erase / delete background with the help of background auto, manual and magic repair tools provided in the app. Save the photo after the background is erased.

2- Now open the Personal Sticker for WhatsApp. Here the photo saved in the phone (PNG Form) will appear. Now open this photo for add option. After this, a mini window will open and edit it. Now the personalized sticker prepared on your WhatsApp will arrive.

Share your stickers like this:
To share your own personal stickers with WhatsApp, you have to go to the contact number you want to share. Now go to the smiley option shown in the typing board. Here here you will see the logo of the GIF and sticker logo on the right. Now click on the sticker option and see the stickers created by yourself. Select and send the sticker you want to send.


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