Discussions on with India on humanitarian food aid to Afghanistan: UN

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Discussions on with India on humanitarian food aid to Afghanistan: UN

New Delhi. Cecilia Garges, head of the World Food Program for Afghanistan, said that talks are on between the United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP) and India to provide humanitarian food assistance to Afghanistan. The guards urged countries to do everything possible to help families in war-ravaged Afghanistan, which is facing the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis. Referring to the scale and nature of the food crisis in Afghanistan, Gargos said that access to food for households has been severely affected due to a variety of factors.

In an interview to PTI, the Guards said that all countries, including India, should do their level best to help families in Afghanistan. He said, “Lack of food and other means for families, large numbers of Afghans are likely to leave their homes in search of security and stability. Afghanistan is in fact facing the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis and Its needs exceed those of Ethiopia, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The world must do whatever it can to prevent this disaster.”

Asked whether the World Food Program (WFP) has sought formal help from India for aid, he said “positive discussions” are on between the WFP and the Indian government to support food aid on humanitarian grounds, including in Afghanistan. . “We are hopeful that this (discussion) will be completed soon,” he said.

The guards said Afghanistan now has no jobs, no cash and no way for parents to buy food for their families. He said that Afghanistan was hit by drought for the second time in three years and due to this, the production of food grains in the country fell drastically and it had a severe impact on livelihoods in rural communities.

He said the people forced to flee in conflict situations are living in camps and are completely dependent on humanitarian aid, as well as the economy has been hit by the halt of international funding after August 15. Gargoson said that a recent analysis has revealed that 2.28 crore people may face serious food problems in the coming months. We have not seen such a situation in Afghanistan in the last 10 years when people have to face such a situation of food insecurity, he said. These are indeed frightening and depressing times.


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