Dictatorship China’s vaccination policy – senior citizens – health care workers not in top priority

New Delhi. Against the corona epidemic, countries around the world are unanimous that health care workers and senior citizens should be vaccinated first. India has also emphasized the same thing in its vaccination program. But China, famous in the world with the nickname of Dragon, has adopted a completely opposite strategy. In China’s vaccination policy, the names of health care workers and senior citizens are not in the top priority.

In China’s vaccination program, priority is being given to soldiers and the economy over senior citizens and health care workers. According to an article published on the Sunday Guardian, China has bypassed senior citizens and health care workers involved in the high risk group from Corona to become a global economic power.

China has sidelined people above the age of 59 in its program. There is a large number of senior citizens in China, but it is being ignored. China’s dictatorial system can be gauged from the fact that health care workers have been placed on the fourth priority in the vaccination program.

In China’s vaccination, on the first priority are those people who are associated with the supply of cold chains. After this, priority is being given to the employees working at the ports. Then there is the number of people associated with transportation. After this comes the number of health care workers.

It is understandable how desperate China is to maintain its economic power. During the Corona period, all the countries of the world have expressed their gratitude towards the health care workers. But China is not worried about it. He is more concerned about the economy than the health workers who lost their lives in the service of others in the pandemic.

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