Dhansu Smart Band is available at less than 500 rupees, calling and message notifications are available

The time that is going on nowadays, we can name it as the technology era. Day by day things based on new technology are seen in the market. Now talk about time and date, most of the common watches have this facility. On the other hand, watch based on digital technology is also useful for other activities. Nowadays, the watch based on new technology has been given the name of smart band. People are also liking it a lot. There is a lot of demand for them in the market. Not only can you find out the time and date through the smart band, but you can also get call and message information in your Android phone.

Many people have always been seen saying that the price of smartband is very high and they cannot afford it. If your budget is also less then Flipkart is offering such a discount offer under which you can buy Smartband at a very low price.

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You will not believe that the price of these smartbands is less than Rs.5,000, and some cost close to Rs.1,000, so let us tell you about those smartbands…

Nehnovit FXU 105A M3 Fitness Band:
The actual price of this smart band is Rs 2,999 but a huge discount is being given on this smart band on Flipkart. You can buy it from Flipkart for just Rs 497. This smart band is equipped with features like health watch, heart rate, step count, calorie tracker, fitness tracker. Not only this, you get an alarm system in this.

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V Enterprises M4 BluetoothFitness Wrist Smart Band
V Enterprises M4 Bluetooth Fitness Wrist Smart Band is a very good smart band. If we talk about its price, then its actual price is Rs 1,612 but you can buy it from Flipkart for just Rs 465. Talking about its features, this smart band is waterproof. In this you can find great features like blood pressure, heart monitor, heart rate, fitness tracker, etc.

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