‘Dhakdhak – India’s heartbeat’ app to compete in short video space

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Pune-based tech start-up Dhakdhak Private Limited has launched the short video app ‘Dhakdhak – India’s heartbeat’. The app has come as a relief to Indian content creators who are upset over the ban on Chinese app TicketLock in India. The Dhakadhak app is an excellent quality alternative to Tick-Talk and has been downloaded more than 1 lakh times till date in the country. At the same time, more than 20 thousand content creators have made attractive and entertaining short videos in it.

One special thing about Dhakdhak is that it goes beyond entertainment to give artists and content creators a platform to showcase their talent. Dhakdhak’s co-founder Anirudh Kotgir says that instead of giving content creators a short-term fame, Dhakhak has come up with a model that allows them to grow and get revenue. This platform seeks to help young people build careers, and not just take them to such heights that are temporary.

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Anirudh says, “We can give some budding stars a chance to promote regional brands and commercials. Also we can give artists for shows and events from media houses. Overall we make a big platform for Dhakkar stars Want from where they can get opportunities for TV, shows, films and international shows as well. “

Mandar Lande, co-founder of Dhakadhak, says, “Mumbai’s business tycoon Gurmeet Singh has invested in our project because of our strong tech background and proven business model. Apart from this, many local and national brands are looking to join us. Acting is also in talks with dance professional trainers and schools to provide formal training to budding artists. For this Bollywood and regional film industry’s renowned media and production houses are on our list. “

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Dhakdhak promises to give a great experience to his audience as well. This app is changing the way we work in entertainment, infotainment, advertising, creative content. Content creators like Pooja Rawat, Srishti Ambavale, Sonali Malhotra, Adina Adhikari, Meher Panchal and Trupti Rane are already associated with us and their fans will soon get their visual treatment.

The company said that Dhakhak is ready to compete fiercely in the market. It will also promise long-term growth of artists in the short video app space. With all these features, we can say from the claim that Dhakdhak is an app that is well beyond entertainment and value creation.


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