Deep meditation is beneficial for health, strengthens immunity – study

Immunity increases with deep meditation: By the way, it is always being said about the health benefits of yoga and meditation. Now a new study has claimed that it also strengthens immunity. This was done by researchers from the University of Florida, USA. Study According to this, by doing deep meditation i.e. Deep Meditation for just 8 days, your immunity can be strengthened. The findings of this study are published in the PNAS ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’ journal. published Has been done.

In the latest study it has been found that deep meditation means deep Meditation By doing this, the biological processes have a direct effect on the progression or prevention of any disease in the body. During the study, the first in-depth study of the genome has been done. According to this study, mental health is good by meditating and doing yoga, which also makes the body healthy.

what the experts say
Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatric and Neuroscience, University of Florida College of Medicine Dr. Vijayendra Chandran reported that there is already ample evidence for positive results of meditation, but until now little information was available on their molecular and genetic effects.

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Dr Chandran told that he meditated for 48 days at the behest of his wife. He did this only for 21 minutes a day. They benefited a lot from it. This also increased his scientific curiosity and then he did scientific research on it.

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Dr. Vijayendra Chandran further stated that in this study, meditation was done for 8 days and blood samples of the participants were taken five to eight weeks in advance. Blood samples were taken before the start of this period and again three months after the end. After that the genome of this blood was analyzed. The study found that some genomic and other cellular pathways changed after the meditation period.

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