Decoding Long Covid: Can eyesight go after recovering from corona? doctors are telling

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New Delhi. The second wave of Corona seems to be slowly stopping now. There is also a decrease in the number of patients infected with corona. But the matter of concern is that after recovering from Corona, people are facing many problems. In such a situation, doctors say that even after recovering from corona, it may take a long time for patients to become fully fit. Doctors are giving the name of ‘Long Kovid’ to such problems. That is, those diseases that trouble people for a long time after corona. News18 has started a series about these problems of patients. Under this, the opinion of doctors about the diseases caused by corona and the solutions related to it will be discussed.

Today in this special series, Dr Vanuli Bajpayee of Manipal Hospital, Delhi is telling how corona virus affects the eyes of patients. Doctor Vanuli explained about the eyes in detail. Along with this, he also told how corona patients can overcome these problems.

effect on eyesBy the way, the eyes are not often affected during or after the Kovid-19 infection. However, some patients show symptoms like conjunctivitis. Very few patients may suffer long-term damage to the eyes. Bajpai told News18, ‘The most common symptom during Kovid is conjunctivitis, which gets cured quickly with medicine. However, in some cases, the effect of the virus on the retina is visible. It can affect the eyesight”

Virus effect on retina

Dr Vanuli Bajpai further said, ‘Many times there are blockages in the retinal arteries of the eyes. Due to this there is also a risk of loss of eyesight. Therefore, in such cases, treatment is required. Not only this, some people recover completely in such cases. While some people lose their eyesight.

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Black fungus on eyes

According to the doctor, another danger to the eyes is mucormycosis or black fungus. Such cases have been seen in many corona patients. Bajpai said that mucormycosis is a dangerous disease emerging in Kovid patients. It also affects the eyes. He said, ‘If mucormycosis reaches the brain, then patients can also die. Sometimes people also need surgery. In such a situation, eye surgery is very dangerous and sometimes the entire eye has to be removed.

What are the symptoms of eyes

Bajpai said, ‘Patients recovering from Kovid, especially if they have diabetes, must tell such people about the common symptoms of mucormycosis. Its symptoms are- heaviness in the nose, runny nose, halitosis, bleeding from the nose, swelling around the eyes or on the face. Blurred vision, change in skin color around eyes/nose/face, pain around nose/eyes/face. If patients experience any of such symptoms, they should immediately contact their doctor.’


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