Deal with angry and stubborn people in this way, will become a matter

The person with whom you feel bad after having a conversation, or the person who is going to have a stinging talk, gets found somewhere. There are such people from home to office and also to the outside world. They complain about everything and have a habit of speaking without thinking. People with such behavior are called toxic. If such people bother you, then it is necessary to speak, to deal with them, you should keep your words. Here are some tips for how to deal with toxic humans.

Don’t reply too much
Persons with toxic behavior are always complaining about others and their behavior is difficult to deal with. It is in their habits to make allegations and create a new story for the issue. It is better not to give them much answer. Leave them in simple words by answering them in a line.

Talk to them about their behaviorIf a person misbehaves with others and does not even know about his words and issues, then he will not know about this later. He himself will realize it, it does not happen. It is better to talk to him about his bad behavior. Open talk will help them to understand their bad behavior.

Put yourself first

Not only does abusive speech and toxic behavior, but some other things can also come in it. That person needs support from you all the time and you give that support without even thinking about yourself. You understand the value of your relationships with that person, but do not support yourself by risking your own good. Notions of ‘give and take’ work in a healthy relationship, which should be on both sides.

Say no to discussion
To keep yourself away from any discussion, you have to learn to say no. If you cannot sit anywhere else, simply say excuse me, and do not be a part of that discussion. This will separate you from that whole situation.

Remember the mistake is not yours
Toxic behavior can make you feel that you have made a mistake but in reality you have done nothing. Toxic behavior is difficult to cope with because such humans can distort your words and extract different meanings. Let those words go without being impressed and keep in mind that you are not at fault.

Don’t keep yourself available
People with toxic behavior know who their target will be and to whom they can tell their words. If they feel that the tricks are not working now, then their behavior pauses for a time. You should not keep yourself available to that person while making excuses for work or saying anything else. During this time you may get to hear some bitter things but you should ignore them.

Spend limited time
Human beings who are toxic, can try to quarrel by accusing them of anything. This happens when you spend more time with them. They will not get any chance to pick up fight after spending time with them.

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