Deadly attack on Iraq’s PM, Mustafa al-Kadhimi survived the drone attack

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Deadly attack on Iraq’s prime minister, Kadhimi safe: Officials

Baghdad: Prime Minister of Iraq In the early hours of Sunday, armed drones attacked his residence with the intention of killing Mustafa al-Kadhimi. The Prime Minister was not harmed in this attack and he is safe. Officials gave this information. Two Iraqi officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said seven of the prime minister’s security personnel were injured in the attack in Baghdad’s highly secure ‘Green Zone’ area.

Soon after the attack, Prime Minister al-Kadhimi tweeted, “The rockets of treason will not shake the determination and determination of the heroic security forces.” He wrote, “I am well and among my people. Thank God.” In a statement, the government said drones were attempted to attack al-Kadhimi’s residence. “There is no harm to him and he is fine,” Sarkar said.

Residents of Baghdad heard explosions and gunshots from the ‘Green Zone’, the area that houses foreign embassies and government offices. A statement issued by state media said that the prime minister’s residence was “targeted by drones laden with explosives” as part of the assassination attempt. However, it is not yet clear who is behind the attack and no one has immediately claimed responsibility.

The incident happened amid a standoff between security forces and pro-Iranian Shia militias. The results of Iraq’s parliamentary election have been rejected by Shia militias and have been camping outside the ‘Green Zone’ for almost a month. The protest turned deadly on Friday as protesters marched towards the Green Zone, sparking a gunfight between security forces and Shia militias. During this, one protester died. Dozens of security forces were injured. Al-Kadhimi ordered an investigation to determine who instigated the clashes and who violated orders not to fire.

The US, the UN Security Council and others have praised the October 10 election, which was mostly violence-free and without major technical glitches.


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