Dead skin has to be improved, so use almonds and multani mitti at home

Dead skin has to be improved, so use almonds and multani mitti at home

Removing dead skin from your face is to remove facial stains. So you can prepare the scrub at home. Today we will tell you the method of scrub of almond and multani mitti. Which you can prepare in a few minutes and can also be used on your own. It will remove the glow of your face and remove dead skin and return the glow to your skin.

Let me tell you that the scrubs found in the market are made from chemical. Which sometimes makes your skin dry. But the scrub prepared from household things will not dry your skin and the skin will also start glowing. Today we are telling you the method of preparing the scrub at home.

You can prepare scrubs at home with almonds and multani mitti. Because almonds are rich in fatty acids. Therefore, it will also retain moisture in your skin. Along with this, almonds have antioxidants which will protect the skin from the effects of free radicals. In this way, multani mitti helps in removing your skin problems. This will remove excess sebum on your face. It will remove dirt and irritation from your skin and will keep the skin healthy and get rid of acne problem. According to experts, this scrub prepared with multani mitti and almonds will not harm you and will benefit.

To prepare the scrub, you should mix about 6 almonds, one teaspoon of multani mitti, one teaspoon of rose water and thaw it. When it melts well, the almonds are blossomed then you grind it. You can also grind them in the mixer and grind them by hand. When it mixes well. So use it as a paste. But before using, take about 5 minutes of steam. So that your skin’s pores open. This will remove the dirt on your face completely. Then apply this mixture on your face and when this scrub starts to dry, then wash it with plain water. Certainly by doing this, the glow of your skin will return and the diseases related to the skin will be removed.


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