Daughters had come to immerse father’s ashes in the river, father’s ashes had to be eaten under compulsion

It is very difficult for any child to live without their parents. But it is true that whoever has come, he will have to go one day. Two sisters living in Bristol, UK lost their father. His father died suddenly in October last year. Now after a year, both of them decided to immerse their father’s ashes in the river. But as soon as he started pouring the ashes from the urn into the water, a strong wind started blowing. The result was that all the ashes went inside the mouths of both the daughters.

This strange incident happened with 28-year-old Belle Henry and 22-year-old Tyla Halls. The father of both, 47-year-old Mark Halls, died suddenly last year. Since then the daughters had kept the ashes of the father. Recently both of them reached Bristol channel to immerse them. There, as soon as he turned to put the Kalash in the water of the river, a strong wind started blowing. The wind direction was such that all the ashes came over the mouths of both the daughters. The result is half the ash inside his mouth and the rest on his face.

The daughters first started making this video to record the last farewell of their father. But after this incident, he shared it with the people in a very positive way. Belle told that her father was very cheerful. In such a situation, how would he let his last farewell be boring? Perhaps this is the reason why he made his daughters laugh even while going. When the sisters uploaded its video on Tiktok, it became viral. However, the sisters were afraid that people might know them by the names of the sisters who ate their father’s corpse.

daughters end up eating father ashes

Let us tell you that according to the Hindu religion in India, after the last rites, the bones are immersed in the same way. But most of the dead bodies are buried abroad. However, due to Kovid, many countries had decided to burn the dead bodies. There also some families perform the last rites of their loved ones by immersing the ashes in water. It is believed that this gives peace to his soul.

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