Covid 19: How much benefit to lungs from deep breathing? Know why it is important

Breathing exercise helps in increasing the capacity of your lungs. Image Credit: Pexels / Alexandr Podvalny

Deep Breathing In Corona Virus: Deep Breathing is very useful for Corona patients. Those whose Lung capacity is already good, they do not need ventilators and they are able to recover fast.

Millions of people are being affected across the country due to the Corona epidemic. Many lives are in danger and many hospitals are dying due to lack of oxygen. In view of the situation, lockdowns are being imposed in many states and people are handling their work from home. In such a situation, the physical activity of the people has reduced very much for the last several months. People who have to deal with office and school work from their laptops or mobiles, have to sit in one place for hours. Between the day’s engagements, people do not have time to exercise, do yoga. In such a situation, the chances of people becoming weak. Due to lack of information, people are not taking deep breath, due to which the breathing system is having a very bad effect. In such a situation, if we pay attention to our breathing process, then many problems like blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature can be okay. Although the breathing process cannot be taken care of every time, but if you do deep breathing 10 minutes a day, it will have a very profound effect on our body. Is deep breathing deep breathing When we pull the air in through the nose in the open air and then take it out slowly, it is called deep breathing. By doing this, the air inside the lungs is filled and the body gets maximum oxygen. Read also: High blood pressure will be controlled without medicines, do this exercise daily

How to do breathing exercise
You can do yoga like Pranayam, Kapalbhati, Anulom Antonyms for a few minutes every day for deep breath. In addition, according to the health line, lip breathing is also of great use for lung health. For this, you relax and sit on a chair. Inhale, inhale deep breath inward from your nose and count to 10. Now keep your lips in the position to blow the candle and leave the air outwards. Take out the air slowly. You should increase this process slowly every day. This will work to increase the capacity of your lungs. Why is deep breathing necessary for lungs There is a complaint of swelling in the lungs when there is corona and due to the increase of mucus etc., the lungs have trouble in supplying oxygen to the body, due to which the oxygen level starts to decrease gradually. In such a situation, when you do deep breathing, the oxygen reaches inside the lungs and clears the mucus and other fluids present there. Not only this, if this exercise is done before the corona is formed, it also helps in strengthening the issues inside the langs which prove to be very helpful during the infection. Also read: National Dengue Day 2021: How to identify the symptoms of dengue in the changing season, learn ways to avoid Deep breathing exercise does not cure corona Please tell that deep breathing corona is not a cure. The only way to avoid corona infection is to take vaccine and maintain social distancing. Also, wearing a mask can protect you to some extent from corona infection. But if you do deep breathing exercises daily, it helps to make your lungs stronger and prepares your lungs to fight to some extent with the effect of Kovid 19. According to Healthline, deep breathing is very useful for corona patients. Those whose lame capacity is already good, they do not need ventilators and they are able to recover faster. Not only this, due to Corona, the quality of life of those who had problems with anxiety and stress is also increasing significantly. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article are based on general information. Before implementing them. Contact the concerned specialist.)


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