Covid 19: Corona virus will remain active in the body for 3 months even after recovering – research

Corona virus fraction can remain active in the body for 3 months

According to research, in people who had more of the effect of Coronavirus, the fraction of corona virus (Covid 19) after treatment was longer. In those who did not have much effect of the virus, the symptoms of post kovid remained negligible.

  • Last Updated:December 15, 2020, 4:30 PM IST

After being infected with the corona virus, a person has to remain isolated for 14 days. It is said that the person’s corona virus report may be negative if these 14 days are followed by the suggestions given by the doctor, but some scientists have made a new disclosure regarding the corona virus. According to scientists, after the corona is infected, some parts of the corona virus in the person’s body can remain active for three months. Let’s know about this report-

Life cycle of korana virus

According to myUpchar, corona is a viral disease. The virus is a non-cell microorganism, which is made up of nuclear acids and proteins. Its most important thing is that it cannot run its own life cycle. For this, he needs a living cell, which is why it affects humans. It can exist in the environment for thousands of years. These viruses can remain collected in lifeless form. When it comes in contact with a living cell, then it becomes active. The corona virus changes the gene of the cell of the human body, which causes the cell to obey its order. This happens very fast. Recently, researchers in Italy and Britain have found that corona fractions in a person suffering from corona virus are present even after treatment. According to this report, some portions of the corona virus can remain present in a person’s body for 86 days.

Virus effectResearch is also finding that in those people who had more effect of the virus, the corona virus fraction remained for more days after treatment. In those people who did not have much effect of the virus, the symptoms of post kovid were negligible. According to myUpchar, the initial 5 days are important for corona virus patients. If they recover quickly with good care and medicines in these five days, then their effect is less. In severe cases of corona virus, it was found that the effect of the disease was seen till several days after their infection. These included symptoms of fatigue, sore throat, etc. At the same time there were some cases in which after getting infected with this virus, no symptoms were seen and they were cured on their own. Therefore, the virus is released from the body of such patients very quickly. It depends on the strength of immunity that the effect of the virus will be more and on whom less.

Definitely keep this caution

Many people think about this virus that nothing will happen to them and they become careless. It is quite wrong to do so, because corona virus infection can attack in everyone’s body in different ways. Some people consider themselves healthy even after having symptoms of fever, cold and cough, and are reluctant to get a corona checkup. Attack of the virus can be serious in such people. In this, the virus can damage their lungs if the patient does not pay attention, due to which the person may need to take oxygen separately. Even after the corona infected is cured, it should be taken with turmeric milk, decoction to improve its immunity. Also, hot water gargling and steam should not be stopped. (Read our article, What is Corona virus for more information.) (Health related articles on News18 are written by MyUpchar is the first and largest source in the country for verified health news. In myUpchar, researchers and journalists, along with doctors, bring all the health information for you.)

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