Couple wasted in the process of trying a new dish on a date, tears spilled after seeing a bill of 45 thousand

It has to be accepted that there is no dearth of such restaurants in the world, where people are caught paying huge bills in the name of food. By the way, if a little work is done wisely, then your pocket will be saved from getting loose. Now a couple who went on a dinner date in New Jersey, USA, did not read the rate card properly in order to eat a new dish and then what happened to them was an accident.

The couple who went on a date thought that they should try the Japanese dish ‘Kobe’ today. He expected that Kobe’s price was only 2500 rupees. So he even ordered a plate of ‘Kobe’, but when the bill came out, he was blown away. A small misunderstanding of his had cost him a lot of money.

How did the 45000 bill become?
This accident happened with Jeffrey Paige. Jeffrey went for a dinner date with his partner at the restaurant of famous chef Gordon Ramsay. Jeffrey wanted to eat something different. Then his eyes fell on the Japanese A5 written on the menu card, which is called ‘Kobe’. It was priced at $420 in Ramsay restaurant, but his attention did not go unnoticed. Jeffrey thought that the cost of 4 pieces of the dish would be around Rs 2500 at the most. While the price of 8 pieces will be up to Rs 5800. However, when the bill came, the bill was about $ 576 i.e. about 45 thousand rupees. Seeing this, tears welled up in both of their eyes.

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Bill went viral on the internet
Due to minor misunderstandings and misreading, he had to pay Rs 31,664 more. Jeffrey told that he had never tried this dish before, so he did not even know the price. Although this incident happened with him last year, but once again it is going viral. On this, people have given funny reactions and asked them whether they have learned anything from it? Jeffrey responded by saying that Kobe’s price may have been high, but the food was very tasty.

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