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Updated: Thursday, December 30, 2021, 13:06 [IST]

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New Delhi, 30th December. Despite the zero tolerance policy of the Nitish government towards corruption in Bihar, many clerks to IPS officers have earned many times more wealth than their income. In the swift action being taken by the government agencies, huge assets are being discovered with the government officials involved in corruption. Gold and silver bricks are being received from someone’s house and cash worth crores from somewhere.

From Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI) to District Transport Officer (DTO), Circle Officer (CO) to Executive Engineer (Executive Engineer), Constable to Superintendent of Police (SP) and Sub Registrar to Vice Chancellor (Vice Chancellor) Till date, officers and employees of every level have come under the scanner. In the action taken only in the month of December, only cash worth more than four crore rupees has been recovered from the possession of the corrupt.

Three agencies of the state government, Economic Offenses Unit (EOU), Special Vigilance Unit (SVU) and Surveillance Investigation Bureau (Vigilance) are continuously taking action against corrupt officials-employees on the basis of information or complaints received from various sources. Once the goods and investments recovered in the raid are known, it becomes difficult to estimate the extent to which they are involved in corruption. In the last six months, these agencies have caught black money of more than 600 crores by raiding various places of about 30 officers.

Properties worth crores exposed in raids

The Vigilance Investigation Bureau (Vigilance) raided Hajipur Labor Enforcement Officer Deepak Kumar Sharma, who joined the job in 1999, in Patna, Hajipur and Motihari on December 11. According to the bureau, one crore 76 lakh rupees in cash were recovered in this raid.

These money were stuffed in three suitcases and a trolley bag. Along with this, the team also got Rs 47 lakh worth of gold and silver jewelery and papers worth Rs 7 crore invested in the land. Deepak Kumar Sharma has been in the job for 22 years.

On December 17, the Special Vigilance Unit (SVU) raided the premises of Samastipur Sub Registrar Mani Ranjan in Patna, Muzaffarpur and Samastipur. It is alleged that 60 lakh cash and jewelery worth lakhs were recovered in these raids. Apart from this, documents of crores of land, investment in real estate and passbooks and fixed deposits of many banks were also found.

SVU also came to know about the construction of a 21-room hotel in Muzaffarpur by them at a cost of crores. According to officials, Mani Ranjan also used to pay LIC’s premium of Rs 5 lakh annually. Overall, they are estimated to have assets of 165 per cent more than their income.

silver-gold by kilo

Similarly, Vigilance raided the premises of Ajay Kumar Singh, who was posted as Executive Engineer of Rural Works Department at Masauri in Patna district, and found Rs 95 lakh cash during the search from his house located in Indrapuri area of ​​Patna.

According to officials, one kg 295 grams of gold jewelery and 12 kg of silver jewelery and utensils were recovered. It also includes three silver bricks. The value of recovered gold and silver has been estimated to be more than 66 lakhs. The Vigilance team had to get a machine from outside to count the notes.

Provided by Deutsche Welle

While raiding the premises of Excise Inspector (Superintendent of Excise) Avinash Prakash of Motihari (East Champaran) district, three flats in the name of wife and 20 plots in father’s name besides investment, insurance and passbooks of banks were found at many places. Note counting machine was recovered from them.

This is probably the first time in Bihar that a note counting machine has been recovered from the house of a public servant during the operation. A person who was Avinash’s associate told that regarding corruption, it was said in the department that “why are Avinash being made”.

In the search of Rohtas District Land Acquisition Officer Rajesh Kumar Gupta, Vigilance found 29 lakh cash and 1.19 crore jewelery. Along with this, six flats and land in Ranchi and Purnia were also detected. These few examples are just hallmarks. The list of actions is quite long.

Sand and liquor are the major sources of illegal income

Illegal sand mining continues uninterrupted in Bihar due to the nexus of officers-politicians and mafia. On the basis of the continuous information about illegal mining, in the month of May itself, the Economic Offenses Unit (EOU) was given the task of finding out the public servants who had nexus with the sand mafia.

As soon as it was known, action was taken against 41 such administrative and police officers. They were suspended. Simultaneously, the EOU was ordered to investigate the properties acquired by the found guilty officials. After this, after registering an FIR against these officers, the process of raids started one after the other.

Provided by Deutsche Welle

In the sand game, raids were conducted at the locations of 12 officers from August 13 to December 21 this year. These include Indian Police Service officer and Bhojpur SP Rakesh Kumar Dubey and Aurangabad SP Sudhir Kumar Porika (IPS).

Dubey has got 90 percent more assets than his income. Apart from this, there are four SDPOs and two MVIs including Sanjay Kumar, Assistant Director of Mines and Geology Department, former DTO of Aurangabad and Additional Collector of Darbhanga, Anil Kumar Sinha.

Cash worth 30 lakhs and jewelery worth 60 lakhs and 40 gold biscuits were recovered during the SVU raid at Mrityunjay Kumar, who was the emergency secretary to the state’s mining minister. Similarly, despite the imposition of prohibition in the state, the business of smuggling liquor continues indiscriminately even today.

Earnings from these businesses can be gauged from the fact that when raids were conducted on the premises of Lalganj police station in-charge Ghanshyam Shukla of Vaishali district on December 1, it was found that he had 98 percent more assets than his income.

Not only this, when the EOU raided the whereabouts of the Bihar Police Men’s Association’s state president Narendra Kumar Dheeraj, it was found that he had assets worth 544 percent more than the income.

How will corruption be stopped after all?

Experts say that until the money and lobbying game in transfer-posting will not end due to the alliance of politicians-officers, the corruption of public servants will not be curbed. Journalist Sudhir Kumar Mishra says, “When an officer gets a posting by paying a certain amount, then it is certain that he will target to earn more than that and he would like to achieve this target only through corruption. Creamy posts like Inspector, BDO-CO, MVI and DTO have been created in this state only for black money.

Provided by Deutsche Welle

Social activist Rajesh K. Chowdhary says, “You understand the situation like this, when the revenue employee in Bhojpur was caught taking a bribe of 50 thousand rupees, he immediately told the Vigilance team clearly that everyone including the CO sahib has a part in it. Now you can understand the chain of corruption.

It is not that the corrupt are not caught, but it is true that only a few get the punishment. On this issue, Additional Director General of Police, EOU and SVU, Nayyar Hasnain Khan says, “The conviction rate in the case of disproportionate assets (DA) is low. This happens because of the length of the case. Efforts are being made to get the charge sheet done within the time limit and speedy trial can be done. We will go to the court with full evidence so that the culprits are punished in any case.

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