Coronavirus world updates: Corona case crosses 85 million in the world, 18.4 lakh deaths so far

Digital Desk, Washington. The total number of coronavirus cases in the world has exceeded 85 million and the number of deaths has exceeded 18.4 lakh. These figures have been released by Johns Hopkins University. According to the latest data released on Monday morning of the University’s Center for System Science and Engineering (CSSE), the number of cases globally has now risen to 8,50,83,468 and deaths to 18,42,492.

America is the worst corona-affected country in the world, where 2,06,26,686 people have been infected so far and 3,51,453 people have died. India is followed by India with 1,03,23,965 infections. So far 1,49,435 people have died here. Brazil has reported 77,33,746 cases, which is the third highest number of cases in the world. But it is second in terms of deaths, with 1,96,018 deaths.

Countries with more than 1 million cases are Russia (32,03,743), France (27,12,975), Britain (26,62,698), Turkey (22,41,912), Italy (21,55,446), Spain (19,28,265), Germany (17,83,656), Colombia (16,75,820), Argentina (16,40,718), Mexico (14,48,755), Poland (13,18,562), Iran (12,43,434), Ukraine (11,07,137), South Africa (11,00,748) and Peru (10,18,099).

Countries with more than 20 thousand deaths due to coronavirus include Mexico (1,27,213), Italy (75,332), UK (75,137), France (65,164), Russia (57,730), Iran (55,540), Spain (50,837) ), Colombia (43,965), Argentina (43,482), Peru (37,773), Germany (34,596), South Africa (29,577), Poland (29,119), Indonesia (22,734) and Turkey (21,488).


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