Coronavirus Updates: Time of doubling cases in India increased

Coronavirus Updates: Time of doubling cases in India increased

Coronavirus Updates: Time of doubling cases in India increased

Hello friends, Corona continues to wreak havoc all over the world. No treatment is available yet. But the way the number of corona infected people is increasing. Similarly, many patients were infected. They are also recovering from corona infection.

Coronavirus update

The havoc of Corona is spreading very fast in India too. Recently, plasma therapy is being used in Delhi AIIMS, India to overcome coronavirus. 47 personnel of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) posted in Uttar Pradesh’s capital Delhi have been sent to the Quarantine Center of Narela(Delhi). Out of which 9 have been found infected with corona. Now those soldiers have been sent to the isolation ward.


Coronavirus: So far 724 people died of corona in India

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in India. Around the world, 1,88,336 people have lost their lives due to coronavirus due to coronavirus. In India, cases of corona infected patients are coming up every day. So far, more than 23,452 people are suffering. While 724 people have died due to coronavirus in India. So far, 4,813 people have been recuperating. In India, the data of people suffering from coronavirus is gradually increasing. Its prevention continues.

Coronavirus: Time of doubling corona cases in India is more

In the last 24 hours in India, 419 patients of corona infection have been cured. The recovery rate in the country has increased to 20.57%. Apart from this, the good thing is that the time of doubling of coronavirus infection in the country has also increased now. That is, the number of people infected with coronavirus in India was doubling in 2 days. And now in 10 days, corona infected cases are doubling.


If there had not been a timely lockdown in India, the country would have 73,400 corona case today:

In India, the number of coronavirus havoc and its infection is so low today. Because the Government of India had imposed lockdown in India in due course of time. Information was given at the press conference held by the government ministry on Friday. That the time of doubling the incidence of coronavirus in India from March 23 in the country was measured for 3 days. The lockdown was then implemented. The result started appearing later.


  Later on April 6, cases of corona infection are doubling every 10 days in the country. If the lockdown not been imposed on time, more than 75,400 cases of infection would have come up in the country at this time. The Government of India had caught the transition of corona in time. Due to this, the entire lockdown was imposed in India.

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