corona vaccine news: 10 crore vaccine doses were taken in the last 19 days, know how long will the 100 crore figure be touched

New Delhi. The health ministry is continuously increasing the availability and production of corona vaccine. Apart from this, emergency approval is also being given to foreign vaccines. Because of this, the capacity to install vaccine in the country is continuously increasing. In the last 19 days, 10 crore vaccines have been installed. Vaccine installation progress is continuously increasing. In this way, 100 crore doses of corona vaccine will be taken in the country by November. That is, 18 plus most people would have been vaccinated.

At present, 60 crore doses of corona vaccine have been administered in the country. The progress of vaccine development is getting better. It took 85 days to install the first 100 million vaccines in the country, after which the time kept getting shorter. This time it has taken only 19 days to apply 10 crore doses. In this way, in comparison to the first time, this time only 20 percent of the time the vaccine has been given.

More than 58 percent of the people in the country are above the age of 18 years. To reach the 100 crore figure, a dose of 40 crore vaccines has to be applied. According to 10 crores in 19 days, 40 crore vaccine doses are likely to be administered in 86 days. However, the progress of vaccine availability and installation is continuously increasing. In this way, it is possible that 40 crore doses may be administered in less than 86 days. Will touch the figure of 100 crores in less than three months.

A look at the progress of the vaccine

10 crore doses in 85 days

20 crore doses in 45 days

30 crore doses in 29 days

40 crore doses in 24 days

50 crore doses in 20 days

50 crore doses in 19 days

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