Corona vaccine has suffered losses, infection occurred eight days after the dose

– Problem encountered in Pfizer Company’s Corona Vaccine.
– The person taking the vaccine became corona infected.

New York. Povid became positive eight days after the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, a compounder in California, USA. This Pfizer vaccine has been approved for emergency carpet use. Matthew W., a 45-year-old male nurse, told via a Facebook post that he had taken his first dose of vaccine on 18 December. Eight days later, he became corona infected.

Confirmation of infection after investigation-
According to a report, Matthew stated that he only had some pain in the arm after taking the vaccine and no other side effects were revealed. The report states that eight days after taking the vaccine, he started feeling unwell while working in the Kovid-19 unit. When Matthew got his corona test done after Christmas, he came to know that he is Kovid-19 positive.

10 to 14 takes time-
Christian Remarus, an infectious disease specialist at Family Health Centers in San Diego, said that it is not unexpected that someone is exposed to the virus after taking the first dose of the corona vaccine. He said that we know from vaccine clinical trials that it takes about 10 to 14 days for a person to develop protection against the virus after vaccination. Let us know that Pfizer’s Phase III data showed that this vaccine is 95 percent effective.


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