CORONA VACCINATION: Can corona-infected patient get another dose of vaccine?

The country’s largest anti-corona vaccination campaign is underway to combat the epidemic. First of all, corona warrior ie frontline worker and paramedical staff, civil servants, police, army is getting corona armor i.e. covishield and indigenous covaxine. Many questions are arising in the mind of the common man regarding vaccination and vaccination. We are answering every question related to this.

Vaccine: Need, Safety and Impact

Question: Does everyone need to have the Corona vaccine installed?
The corona virus vaccine is voluntary. Both doses of the vaccine are necessary to prevent infection with the corona virus.

Question: This vaccine is made in a very short time, how safe is it?
Safety and efficacy data from clinical trials (clinical trials) of the vaccine are examined prior to approval. The review is approved after the safe and efficacy of the vaccine.

Question: Are vaccinated people also required?
The vaccine will help develop a strong immune system in the body. Therefore, attachment is necessary.
Vaccine: Registration
Question: Is registration required for the vaccine?
Registration is mandatory to get the Corona vaccine. Step, date, time and booth information will be given only after testing the application.

Question: What documents will be required for registration?
For registration, one of the Aadhar card, voter card, PAN card, passport, driving license, pension document is required. Apart from this, health insurance can also use smart card, MNREGA card, bank or post office passbook and ID card.

Question: Is Photo ID mandatory?
Photo identity card is required for verification after registration. So that it can be ensured that only the right person is vaccinated.
Question: What to do after vaccination?
After vaccination, SMS will be sent to the person’s mobile. After the second dose, QR code based certificate will come on mobile. Who will know about vaccination by scanning.
After vaccination …

Question: What are the things to be kept in mind after vaccination?
After the vaccine has to rest for 30 minutes. If there is discomfort or difficulty later, inform the health officer, ANM or ASHA. It will be mandatory to follow the rules like wearing a mask, cleaning hands and physical distance.

Question: Are there any side effects after vaccination?
After the vaccine, mild fever, body pain, headache means the effect of the vaccine on the body. There is no need to panic about this. This also happens with other vaccines. If the problem is more, then contact the local health center immediately.

Question: How soon after the vaccine will antibodies develop?
A protective level of antibody develops two weeks after the second dose of the vaccine.
Question: Will the family of healthcare and frontline workers also get vaccinated?
In the initial phase, the vaccine will be given to people with priority category. Later the vaccine will be made available to all.
Second dose of vaccine ….

Question: When can the second vaccine be vaccinated?
Kovid-19 and other vaccines can be administered only at intervals of 14-21 days.

Question: What to do if someone is infected after the first dose of vaccine?
Antibody takes more than 14 days to develop after one dose of the vaccine. Therefore, getting infected is not serious. You can talk on the helpline number found during registration for the vaccine.

Question: Can other company get the second dose of vaccine?
No, you cannot get another company’s vaccine for the second dose. If you have been given cocaine, then after 14 days you will have to get the same vaccine in the second dose.

Question: Can an infected patient get vaccinated?
No, the infected patient can get the vaccine done only after 14 days of recovery.


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