Corona testing material may be in trouble now in Delhi, diagnostic lab warns

Covid testing

New Delhi:

After testing beds, oxygen and medicines for Corona patients in Delhi can also cause a huge crisis. The Delhi Diagnostics Lab has warned that there may be a shortage of content of covid testing. Dr Dangs Lab said in a statement on Saturday that we request the agencies concerned to immediately take notice of it and arrange for the supply of fast-paced material from diagnostic labs across the country. Dr Dangs Lab has said that it needs more material for testing Kovid-19.

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The lab said that the necessary reactant needed in testing of Kovid-19 is lacking. Everyday thousands of Corona samples are being sent for testing. With this wildly increasing speed of testing, the pressure on diagnostic labs of cities and towns is increasing.

Dr. Arjun Dang of Dr. Dang’s Lamb said in a statement, at this time when Delhi is struggling with lack of oxygen and covid beds in the hospital. At that time, COVID testing is lacking in the testing reactants (IL6 (interleukin 6), D dimer and CRP) required for inflammatory marker tests. This can turn into a big problem.

Dang’s Lab was established in 1983 and is one of the best in India. Dr. Dang said, there are some important tests, which are directly related to the Covid positive patient and these tests help the doctor to take any further steps regarding the corona patient. On the basis of these tests, the hospitals also decide to admit the patient.

For the last three days, hospitals in Delhi have been pleading for oxygen. Many major hospitals have only a few hours of oxygen left. The daily cases of Corona in India have increased from 25 thousand in mid-March to 3.5 lakh now. Active case means that the number of patients undergoing treatment has increased to 25.5 lakhs. There is tremendous pressure on hospitals and medical workers.


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