CORONA STUDY: Why Repeated colds reduce the risk of corona infection in children

Corona infection is also reaching children. However, its infectivity rate is quite low. Recently, a survey was conducted on 13,000 children in Spain, Italy, Switzerland. It received an average of 0.8 percent infection. This included children up to ten years of age.

2% of the total corona patients admitted to hospitals in the US are under 18 years of age. The death toll is 0.1 percent.

Why corona is serious in some children
A study in Chicago, USA, found that children admitted to the hospital by March-July had either a prior problem or an infection other than corona.

Why less infection
Experts say that children have a cold early. With this, T-cells already fighting flu-like infections are already present in their body. Therefore the risk of infection is less.

How much danger from infected mother
The study at New York Presbyterian Hospital found that breast-feeding of an infected mother increases the child’s risk of developing coronas. The study included 101 children. The study is published in JAMA Pediatrics.

Case 1: Now more aware about health and safety

Location: Jaipur

Age: 12 years
I was quarantined when Corona got infected. It was a different experience. Never been separated from the family, but while living separately at home, something bad was also felt. Stayed alone the whole time, took medicine from the rule. The report came negative 14 days later. Now I do regular yoga, exercise. I apply social distancing and masks and inspire everyone.

More aware of protocol

Case 2: Location Jaipur
Age: 10 years

Corona came positive in October, but the symptoms were not showing. There was definitely a mild fever. Mother and father were also quarantined. During this time, along with taking self-medication on time daily, did yoga and exercise. Now I am alert to sanitizing everything that comes in the house as well as the cradle of masks and social distancing. If people who come from outside in the house do not maintain it, then I give them a ton.

Case 3: Do not leave home without a mask
Location: Raipur

Age: 10 years
When the parents and ten-year-old daughter were infected, all were quarantined. The father died and the mother-daughter recovered. Today I do not leave the house without a mask. Most of the time stay at home. I do every rescue to avoid Corona. 2.45 lakh people have been infected in Chhattisgarh. About 2 percent of the infected are under 10 years of age.


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