Corona stress brought sexual relationship to a low level

Relationships during covid-19: The havoc of Corona has made life difficult for the people. Thousands of lives were lost, thousands of people became unemployed. Some people had the craving to eat. In such a fearful environment, the greatest effect has been on the warmth of love and sexual relationship. This matter has come to light in a new study. ANI According to a news report, the study said that Kovid-19 and the subsequent lockdown in several episodes has badly affected the love and sexual relationship between young boys and girls. According to the survey, love, sex and passion are not people’s warmth in anything. Sexual satisfaction has come down to the lowest level. This survey was done before lockdown and after lockdown. After this the two were compared. This study has been published in Family Relation.

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The relationship remained in the commitment but the warmth waned
The study found that commitment maintained relationships among young people dating but not as warm. The study found that couples who spent time together in lockdown were in love after the lockdown but the warmth was not the same as before. On the other hand, after the lockdown with the married couple, the situation of love was slightly better. Because during the lockdown, the married couple helped in the household chores together. Watched movies together. This study was first done in January and March, after that the same questions were asked to the same people in May after the lockdown.

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A place can be made in the heart of women through the stomach
The lead author of the study, Kanika K Ahuja of Lady Shri Ram College, said that the relative loss of love in a relationship due to Kovid-19 has been comparatively huge. For this it is important that the time the couple spent with each other. He said that positive things like watching movies together, doing household chores have played an important role in keeping the relationship fresh between the couple. Kanika said, as the general belief is that the way to make a place in a man’s heart goes through his stomach. The same thing has come to the fore for women in my study. Kanika said, “In my opinion, after normal life comes, household chores can be a good way for men to maintain the relationship.”

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