Corona Negative Sonu Sood helped the laborer and after recovering Sonu Sood, Kangana Ranaut said that this vaccine is amazing

New Delhi. Vaccination work is also happening rapidly in India amid growing cases of corona. So far, people over the age of 45 are getting vaccinated. At the same time, after May 1, everyone above 18 years will be able to apply the vaccine. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has got the vaccine a few days ago. Recently his Corona report came out positive. But he soon beats Corona. In such a situation, actress Kangana Ranaut said that due to the vaccine, he recovered quickly.

Beat corona in 6 days
Actually, Sonu Sood had informed on April 17 that his Kovid report has come positive. After which he had quarantined himself at home. However, he defeated Kovid within six days. Sonu Sood gave this information by posting his picture on social media. Sonu is seen with the corona negative sign in the photo. With this, he wrote in the caption, ‘Kovid has got a test negative.’ After which Kangana has told the vaccine behind their early recovery.

Kangana tweeted
Kangana tweeted and wrote, ‘Sonu ji, you took the first dose of Kovid vaccine and I see that you have recovered very fast. Perhaps you want to praise the vaccine made in India and its effects, so that people can also be encouraged to take the vaccine. ‘ Kangana’s tweet is now going viral on social media. People are giving various reactions to his tweet.

Help of corona infected worker
Please tell that Sonu Sood, who is struggling with Corona himself, did not stop helping people. He has helped a corona-infected laborer who has been wandering for six days for beds. A Twitter user named Roshni Burade had tagged Sonu Sood and pleaded for his help. He wrote, ‘Sonu Sood Mere Papa Kovid is positive, he needs a ventilator very much, but ventilators are not available all over Nagpur. Sir, please help save my father. ‘ After which Sonu assured him of help, wrote, ‘Your father will not let anything happen. In 1 hour, Papa will get a ventilator bed. According to reports, the patient has got a bed.


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