Corona infection is also being found in pre-mature baby or newborns, avoid these measures

New Delhi. In the second wave of corona running in the country, Kovid infection has been seen in pre-mature infants. Along with this, there have been many cases of newborn babies being affected by corona soon after birth. Experts say that in view of the possibility of third wave, it is necessary to take many measures to protect children from infection.

Dr. Rakesh Lodha, Head Professor, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), who was involved in the team preparing the protocol of Kovid treatment for the Pediatric Age Group, says that its intensity is more in newborns. Not seen. These children are victims of mild or asymptomatic symptoms, but there is a need to protect the newborns from the grip of covid and long covid.

Dr. Lodha is elaborating here about the biggest need for immunization of pregnant women to save children from covid infection, symptoms of long covid and to protect newborns from corona.

Question. How is it possible to protect pregnant women from Kovid infection by giving Kovid vaccine to pregnant women??

answer. Pregnant women who have had a Kovid infection or who are Kovid infected are more likely to develop complications related to childbirth than normal pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women must be given the vaccine of Kovid, it has been seen that antibodies to infection have been seen in the fetus through pregnant women as well. This antibody of the fetus protects them from Kovid infection for several months.

Question. What kind of efforts should be made at the hospital administration level to protect newborns from covid infection?

answer. Cases of Kovid infection have been seen less in children than in adults, children who have been seen to have Kovid infection, mild or A symptomatic symptoms of infection were seen or mild symptoms of infection were seen in them. However, if a large number of adults get infected, it will have an effect on the number of infections of children and children will also become more infected. However, the available data does not support the hypothesis or hypothesis that children will be more affected or that children will be affected more in future waves of Kovid. Despite this, we have to be ready to deal with any situation. For this, the health agencies of the country are making arrangements on a large scale that if children need to be hospitalized in large numbers, then they can be admitted there.

According to the Kovid system, there should be separate wards or isolation wards for infected persons or children. Along with this, there should be such a system in the Kovid ward made for the children that parents can also stay here as care takers with the infected children. At the same time, arrangements for pediatric care resources or medical equipment used for the care of children should also be made in the hospital. Health workers should be trained to look after Kovid positive children of all ages. Apart from improving the resources, the infrastructure will also have to be changed to deal with the post-Covid situation in the children.

Question. What kind of long covid symptoms are seen in newborns after recovering from covid, How to recognize such symptoms as parents?

answer. Long covid symptoms are seen in children like adults, whose symptoms are also similar to those of adults. However, no such symptoms or such cases have been reported in newborns as of now.

Question. How to protect children from post covid effects?

answer. Post covid problem MIS (Multi Inflammatory Syndrome-C) has been seen in children, but this problem is also not more serious in most of the children and can be treated if detected at the right time. MIS C can be controlled through the usual medicines of the disease, in children with severe conditions it is possible to treat it with the help of steroids and immunoglobin drugs.

To protect children from infection, there is a need to adopt the same methods, by which we protect adults from infection. Young children are not yet able to use masks properly, it is the responsibility of older children and adults to follow covid-compliant behavior to protect children from infection.

Question. Has any pre-mature newborn got covid? If so what kind of treatment do these children need??

answer. Yes, infection of Kovid has been seen in newborns, but its intensity was not seen in newborns, children suffer from mild or A symptomatic symptoms. Covid infection has also been observed in pre-mature newborns, the management of covid infection in newborns is done according to the standard protocol of neonatal covid management.

Question. Does being Kovid positive of a pregnant woman also have an effect on the unborn baby? If yes, what is the effect?

answer. After the pregnant woman becomes Kovid positive, the challenges of delivery increase more than the normal pregnant woman. Being Kovid positive also increases the chances of having a premature or pre-mature baby or low birth weight. Ten to fifteen percent of Kovid-infected women gave birth to Kovid-infected newborns, but all these newborns had mild symptoms or a symptomatic covid which was not more severe. Due to pregnant women being Kovid positive, there is no possibility of any congenital disease to the newborn. Such evidence has not yet been seen.

Question. Does covid infection affect the mind of children in any way??

answer. As already mentioned, covid infection affects children with a symptomatic or even mild symptoms. Only a small percentage of children show severe symptoms of Kovid, in this too the effect of infection on the lungs of infected children was seen more. In this, there can also be an effect of infection on the brain, which can also have a deteriorating brain balance, this happens because the oxygen supply to the brain is disrupted due to the infection or the lungs are badly affected. Kovid affects the health of children both indirectly and directly. Children’s mental health has also been affected due to prolonged stay at home or lockdown, affecting the livelihood of many families, which has affected the normal upbringing of children, thus causing economic and social damage, which has affected children. has had on mental health.

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