Corona infection can threaten your heart and kidney!

Digital Desk, Delhi. The corona epidemic has broken the entire world. Its second wave in India has created havoc. There have been heaps of corpses all around. Meanwhile, research by Appalachian State University of America said that the effect of corona infection can reach our heart and this effect remains present in the body even after your recovery.

Detail information

  • Research by Appalachian State University in the US claimed that, it poses a threat not only to the elderly but also to the youth.
  • Let me tell you, corona infection has an effect on human blood vessels. This increases the chances of people getting heart related diseases.
  • According to researcher Steve Ratchford, a change in blood vessels was found in the infected youth after three to four weeks. At the same time, this change in the elderly is seen a few months after infection.
  • This virus has the power to damage the blood vessels of the entire body, including the carotid artery that supplies blood to the brain, which can affect blood circulation in the body and in some cases can prove to be fatal.
  • Research says that people with diabetes, hypertension and obesity are at the highest risk of corona infection.
  • Such people should go to the doctor immediately.
  • Please tell that, apart from the heart, corona infection can have an effect on the kidney of the patient. Kidney tissue damage can occur due to kidney inflammation.
  • It has been observed that even after the corona infection is cured, the kidneys do not function properly. Therefore, even after recovery from the virus, you should get good treatment and get treatment with the advice of doctors.


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