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New Delhi. Coriander Powder Benefits: Coriander powder, which is easily available in every Indian kitchen, is not only useful for enhancing the taste and aroma of food, but it also has many health benefits. Rich in properties like calcium, fiber and antioxidants, coriander powder has been used for getting relief in stomach problems and for better digestion. But it also has many other health benefits. So let’s know about the health benefits of consuming coriander powder.

1. Under Control Blood Sugar
Using coriander powder in food can be beneficial. Consumption of coriander powder helps in reducing the level of blood sugar along with increasing the amount of insulin in the body. For this reason, the consumption of coriander powder is also considered very beneficial for diabetic patients.


2. To protect from infection disease
Consumption of coriander powder is considered beneficial in keeping the body healthy as well as protecting it from infected diseases. Consumption of coriander powder daily in food can prevent from infectious diseases. Apart from this, due to the cooling effect of coriander powder, eating it also cools your stomach. Not only this, the benefits of coriander powder can also be seen in eliminating stomach worms and bad bacteria.


3. Cholesterol Under Control
Nowadays, due to a chaotic lifestyle and wrong eating habits, the problem of increased cholesterol has started becoming a lot in many people. In such a situation, daily consumption of coriander powder containing many elements like oleic acid, ascorbic acid, linoleic acid can help in reducing the level of LDL i.e. bad cholesterol. Due to which the risk of cardiovascular diseases can be reduced.


4. In the problem of not passing urine
Coriander powder is also considered beneficial in urinary problems. People who have problem of not passing urine, they have to make a fine powder by grinding equal quantity of root of Amla, sugar candy, Gokharo and Punarnava with coriander powder. Consuming one spoon of its powder regularly in the morning and evening can provide relief in the problem of urinary incontinence.

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