COPD: oxygen decreases rapidly when corona occurs

COPD ie Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It is a lung disease. Polluted particles reach the lungs through air and cause damage.

COPD ie Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It is a lung disease. Polluted particles reach the lungs via air and cause damage. It gradually infects the lungs. COPD ranks third among the highest deaths in the world. World COPD Day is observed every year on the third Wednesday (November 18) of November.
Kovid gets serious
The condition becomes severe when patients with COPD develop corona. The risk of death of the patient is also 3-4 times more. The patient’s lungs are already weak due to COPD. In this case, the oxygen level decreases rapidly. Recovery of such patients is also very slow. If the patient smokes then the risk of this increases manifold.
The patient does not know when the illness occurred
In this disease, the patient has trouble breathing. This problem does not occur suddenly but slowly. When the patient has COPD disease is not known. It is detected when symptoms begin to become severe and routine is affected. After treatment it cannot be completely cured but symptoms can be reduced.
If you can, get the patient vaccinated. There are two types of vaccines in patients with COPD. First, the flu, which occurs once a year. The second is pneumococcal vaccine. It takes place once in three or five years. Flu vaccines protect against seasonal infections and pneumococcal pneumonia. It has been observed that Kovid became less severe among those who were vaccinated. Take your medicines on time. Do not leave medicine without medical advice.
This is how symptoms occur
Cough in the morning, cough gradually increases, mucus also comes out. The problem increases during winter. When the disease becomes severe, the patient has trouble breathing, chest goes forward and the patient has difficulty in passing out the stopped breath inside the lungs. The lips have to be rounded and exhaled hard, which in medical language is called purse lip breathing. Swelling of the feet, weight loss, forgetfulness, stress and heart problems are also there. Spirometry examines lung strength. Mucus and X-ray tests show disease.

Avoid eating cold things, trouble increases
Avoid air pollution, vehicle smoke, smoke and stove smoke. Control weight in COPD. This requires more energy to breathe or more calories. Tiredness begins. Avoid eating cold things. This also increases the difficulty. Eat plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Exercise related to breath should be done every day. Pranayama is also very effective in this, but if the disease is serious, then avoid doing any exercise without medical advice.

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