Copa America: After winning the title, Messi made a video call to his wife from the field

New Delhi. Legendary footballer Lionel Messi’s team Argentina defeated Brazil to capture the Copa America title after 28 years. Not only Messi, but millions and crores of fans who loved him were also very happy with this. Messi made a video call to his wife Antonella Roccuzzo from the field after the title win. A video clip of this has been shared with the official social media account of Copa America.

When Messi was making a video call to his wife, he looked very happy. Apart from this, he was repeatedly showing the medal to his wife. On the other hand Antonella was also very happy and she was smiling. This video has been viewed more than 13 lakh times on Instagram itself. Argentina won the Copa America trophy by defeating Brazil 1-0 in this title match.

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Messi, 34, called his wife after the win and spoke to her over video. During this, Messi was seen kissing his medal many times. He also showed this medal to his family on a video call. Seeing this video of Messi became viral on social media. Antonella also shared a video screenshot of the conversation with Messi in his Instagram story.

Argentina had previously won the Copa America in 1993 by defeating Mexico in the final. Messi scored a total of four goals and five assists in the current Copa America season. Under the captaincy of star striker Messi, Argentina’s team reached the final twice in 2015 and 2016, but could not win the title.

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