Controversy over MX Player’s web series ‘Sabka Sai’, director Ajit Bhairavkar gave this answer

Mumbai. For centuries, the immortal story of Sai Baba of Shirdi has been exposed on the golden screen. Everyone depicted Saibaba and described his wonderful miracles in a very beautiful way and with equal reverence the devotees bowed before their God. People died on Sai’s show, but what happened now that questions are being raised on his own God’s show? After all, why are people saying that the show ‘Sabka Sai’ should not be shown during this pandemic.

Yes, after the immense success of ‘Ashram’, now MX Player is coming with ‘Sabka Sai’. This web series of 10 episodes will be telecast from August 26, but questions are being raised on Twitter about the release of the show. People on Twitter are showing their displeasure that the world is going through so much negativity at the moment, where hypocrites are playing with the sentiments of people wearing Baba’s chola in the name of religion, in such a situation it is not right to release ‘Sabka Sai’. There is immense reverence in the hearts of people for Sai, but Babas doing fraud in the name of Sai will probably get a boost through such shows.

On the question of people rising on the release of the show, director Ajit Bhairavkar of ‘Sabka Sai’ says that ‘there is no dearth of success of science and medicine in recent times, here doctors are like God because their Has the power to save lives. I believe that positivity is the only way to live in the moment and Sai Baba’s reverence and Saburi’s teachings will go a long way in this endeavour. There will be some dishonest people who use the trust and goodwill of good people. This does not mean that we should stop showing good stories.

It is said that when both medicine and prayer come together, then the biggest pain goes away. Devotion to Sai is the most unique way to calm the mind of people battling the epidemic. Dubbed in Tamil and Telugu languages, the series starring Gulki Joshi, Mohd Samad, Akash Sinha, Manoj Kolhatkar in lead roles will be streamed on MX Player for free from August 26.

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