Contrary to Kumar Sanu’s claim, son Jan Kumar said, father did not get help in career

Former Bigg Boss contestant Jan Kumar Sanu has said about his father Kumar Sanu that he has not received any help from him in his career. Jan Kumar Sanu says that father’s influence in his life has been very less. In an interview, Jan Kumar Sanu said that father was never a part of my life. I have no idea when they have supported me as a singer or promoted me. You can ask yourself the reason for this. John Kumar said that there are some confusion about the father and him, which he would like to overcome. He says that it is hoped that this will not affect their relationship.

However, in the past, Kumar Sanu said that he had done all possible help on his behalf to make son Jaan a singer. Speaking to The Times of India, Jan Kumar Sanu said, ‘The parents were separated before I was born. So my father has not interfered in my life. Not only this, John Kumar said that even in professional life, the interference of the father has been limited. Jan Kumar Sanu said, ‘It has been a belief that as a singer I have got help from my father, who has been a big singer. I want to clear these confusions. I do not refrain from telling the truth. ‘

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Jan Kumar Sanu said that I have not talked to my father till date. I have not got a chance for this. But in the end it will say that he is my father and things will be clear because we are part of the same family. Earlier in an interview, Jan Kumar Sanu said, ‘My father has never been a part of my life. I have no idea why they never promoted or supported me as a singer. You can ask them about this only.

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Earlier, Kumar Sanu had told the Times of India in an interview, ‘John Kumar told me to call some people from the industry who know me. I had called some people including Mukesh Bhatt, Ramesh Taurani whom he wanted to meet. However, it is up to them whether they want to give him work or not. Even if Jan Kumar ever wants to be a part of my live concerts, I am ready to take it.


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