Continuous use of cannabis may increase the risk of heart attack – study

Bad effects of cannabis: In India, cannabis is associated with Lord Shiva. Many people consume it considering it as a herb of Lord Shiva. Many people get used to it that daily it does not work without it, but in a new research it has come to the fore that excessive consumption of cannabis in young age can call for heart attack. ustoday According to the news, if cannabis is consumed occasionally at a young age, then the risk of heart attack is not that much, but if it is consumed continuously, then the risk of heart attack increases manifold. It has been said in the study that if cannabis is consumed even four days in a month, then it can increase the risk of heart attack manifold. This study has been published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

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17 percent had suffered a heart attack
The study involved 33,173 youth aged 18 to 44, of whom 4610 admitted to taking cannabis frequently. Of these, 17.5 percent people had to undergo a heart attack. These people had used cannabis within the last 30 days. Heart attacks were highest among people who consumed cannabis for four days in a month. Of the total people in the study, 1.3 percent (61 out of 4,610) had a heart attack, while only 0.8 percent (240 out of 28,563) had a heart attack among those who did not use cannabis.

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Cannabis can make platelets sticky
Dr. Karim Ladha, a scientist at Unity Health Toronto, said recently that cannabis use has become legal, so the use of cannabis among youth in North America is increasing. It is harming the health of the heart. He said, we have recently found a connection between cannabis use and heart attacks, which is increasing in trend. Cannabis provokes a heart attack in many different ways. According to the study, excessive consumption of cannabis can cause spasm in the blood vessels, which reduces blood circulation. In such a situation, the risk of heart attack increases manifold. There is also a concern that it may cause platelets to become more sticky, which can block the passage of blood vessels, the study authors said.

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