Conspiracy of ruckus in US Parliament premises, security agencies alert

On January 6, 2021, there was violence in the Capitol Hills. (File photo)

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  • Conspiracy to create a furore in US Parliament complex
  • Agencies on alert mode from conspiracy notice
  • Violence took place on January 6 in Capitol Hills


Security was beefed up on Thursday after a conspiracy to revolt the US Parliament House complex again. Two months ago, supporters of former President Donald Trump created a ruckus in the Capitol Building (Parliament House) and tried to stop the proceedings of Parliament. At that time, proceedings to confirm President Joe Biden’s victory were in progress. Security agencies are on alert after ‘Quanon’ supporters arrive in Washington and receive intelligence related to the uproar. A message was circulated among supporters that former President Trump would take power again on March 4 and remove Democrat leaders from the post.

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In the US until 1933, the President was sworn in on March 4. Later this ceremony started on 20 January. According to security-related agencies, this was revealed by the talks between the members of the anti-government militia group ‘Three Persons’. On January 6, members of this group were also among those who created a ruckus in the Parliament complex. This case has come to light at a time when the role of police and other security agencies is constantly being discussed in Parliament to not deal with the incident on January 6.

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The police was not properly prepared to deal with Trump’s supporters. It took several hours for the National Guards personnel to take charge. By then, the miscreants had vandalized the building. Due to the violence incident, the confirmation of victory had to be temporarily halted and the MPs had to hide to avoid trouble. The Capital Police said in a statement, “The police department is fully prepared to avert any potential danger to the MP or MPs in the Capitol premises.”

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MPs were also made aware of this on Wednesday morning. Acting Security Head of Parliament Timothy Blozette said that there have been no indications that a group will come to Washington for demonstrations or to commit violent incidents, but this consultation was updated again. Blozet wrote to the Capitol Police that he had received new and worrying information. Intelligence is indicating that between 4 and 6 March, the Militia Group may approach the capital.

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