Cold Case Review: This “Cold Case” is a bit cool but cool

Mumbai: The biggest dream for a filmmaker is when he directs a big star in his first film, is able to make a film on the story of his choice and the biggest thing is, by mixing two such genres, few people dare to make a film. We do. In the last few years in South India, filmmakers have served chutney of horror with dosa of murder mystery. New filmmaker Tanu Balak has achieved something similar in his debut film “Cold Case”. Prithviraj Sukumaran and Aditi Balan tried a new experiment in this film released on Amazon Prime Video. Has done, which compels one to watch the film.

There are two people in a murder mystery. One who is murdered and one who is murderer. The police always search for the killer and reach him at last. The police do not take much time to find the reason for the murder and due to this they reach the killer easily. But the cold case is a different story. A human skull is found in a pond and ACP Satyajit (Prithviraj) is given the responsibility to solve this crime. On the other hand, journalist Medha (Aditi Balan), who does an investigative program on TV on the events of “Bhoot Pret”, moves to a new house with her daughter, separated from her husband, where she realizes the existence of an invisible force.

Concerned about her daughter’s safety, Medha enlists the help of a tantrik Zara Zaki (Suchitra Pillai) who tells her that the house is inhabited by the spirit of a girl named Eva Maria and she wants some kind of help from Medha. Medha wants to make a TV program on this case and she starts investigating the matter. There are many intricacies in the cold case. The police investigation passes through many obstacles. ACP Satyajit takes the help of the forensic department with the help of his sharp mind and available evidence. He also learns that the skull probably belongs to a girl named Eva Maria.

Testing starts in two different ways. Medha on one side, Satyajit on one side. Medha has her own methods of investigation, and the police have the power to go anywhere, interrogate anyone and solve the case. Here the wonder of writer Srinath V Nath’s mind is seen that Satyajit and Medha do not collide with each other in the entire investigation. Both are engaged in solving the case in their own way and their way of working is also different. While Satyajit has to seek the help of science with evidence and truth, Medha, troubled by the paranormal happenings in her house, keeps searching for Eva Maria. Ultimately, Satyajit and Medha meet through a very simple evidence and then through dialogue among themselves, they solve this case, the criminal is arrested. The ending of the film is also full of suspense. Paranormal investigator Zara Zaki realizes once again that some other spirit is probably going to seek help from Medha. Who is this soul, it is shown in the last shot.

The story of the film is not very twisted and due to this the audience also gets to know about the events while watching the film. There is definitely a shock in horror scenes and there is an unknown fear but that fear is not gruesome. Another thing the author has kept in mind is that the character of the little girl has not been shown to be a ghost and has not made her innocence a pawn. Since Medha directs and presents a TV program of Paranormal Investigation, she is afraid of the presence of a ghost in the house but does not panic about it and does not suddenly start screaming as often happens in horror films. The maturity shown in the character of Medha is rarely seen. They are getting divorced and no one is able to question them. She goes looking for a house during office hours, avoiding the questions of her boss and it looks very realistic.

Prithviraj is a very successful and capable actor. He has played the role of a police officer before this too but in this he has to depend a lot on his thinking and because of this his character can be trusted. He is not beating the goons anywhere, but is doing investigation very intelligently and such a character is needed in a murder mystery. Salute to the author for this. Prithviraj is a superstar but has not been shown bigger than the film. Both the writer and the director have survived the temptation to peep into his personal life.

Aditi Balan has also impressed, although she is still quite new and has a lot of time to show her talent. A unique feature of the film is that there is no romantic track made between Prithviraj and Aditi, no songs have been shot on both of them and the film ends within 10 minutes of their first meeting. The character of the film that disappointed a little is Satyajit’s boss Neela (Pooja Mohanraj). In all her scenes with Prithviraj, she is more of a woman in love with Prithviraj than her boss. Suchitra Pillai’s character added a new color to the story and she was very attractive but her way of talking to the ghost had become funny. The rest of the actors were normal, their acting was good but it was not that they could impress anyone by standing out from the crowd.

Shamir Muhammad, a producer of the film, is also the editor of the film. Despite the length of the film, it keeps you hooked and a big reason for this is Shamir. No scene overshadows the other, and even in horror scenes, he hasn’t let fear overpower the audience to the point that the audience forgets the original story. Shamir is a talented editor and hope to see more work from him. You have already seen the work of cinematographer Girish Gangadharan in many films. In the film “Jelliketu”, which made a splash at the international level, a small glimpse of the camera he did magic can be seen in the cold case. There is nothing special in music. A very strange English song has been played in the bus end credits, the reason is not understood.

Everything looks good in the film but the film is riding on two boats of two different genres (Murder Mystery and Horror). What was lacking in this was the lack of sympathy of the audience towards any character. Neither do we feel like applauding the intelligence of the police, nor do we feel anything because of Medha and her daughter living in a haunted house. In such films, it is necessary to have a connection with one character, only then the audience tells this film to others. Had there been a little more warmth in the cold case, the film would have done wonders. When we get closer to the climax and we find out who the killer is, we are disappointed. The film should be seen, because the film of two genres has been seen after a long time and Prithviraj looks very beautiful.


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