Claim- Found a planet full of aliens, ‘magic’ will come in front of people in just 2 years

For many years, many scientists and astronomers of the world are engaged in the search for Aliens Hunting. For years, the search for living beings on other planets (Aliens On Other Planets) is being done. There are also many evidences which are viral (Proof of Aliens). However, no basis is found for these evidences, due to which they are rejected. These aliens are also mentioned in many sci-fi movies, but no clear evidence has been found so far. But now according to the claims of the astronomers of Cambridge University, they have found a planet in which aliens live.

A team led by Dr Nikku Madhusudan of Cambridge University has found a planet in which such molecules have been found, which indicate life. This planet has been named Hycean planets. This planet is hot and water is also likely to be present in it. There are many deep oceans on this new planet. Now the British team is looking for biosignature in it, so that a sign of life on this planet can be found. The team believes that the atmosphere present on the Hyssen Planet is similar to that of Earth.

Astronomers claim that the discovery of this new planet will revolutionize the world. He said that there are many such planets where life can exist. These are also being searched, but out of these, they have almost confirmed life on the planet. The team said that it is only a matter of two years now. People living on Earth will get not only proof of aliens, but their complete details in just two years. This planet is only 110 light years away from Earth and has been named K2-18b.

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