City of Dreams 2 Review: ‘City of Dreams Season 2’ is the ugly face of politics

City of Dreams 2 Review: Disney Hotstar has presented more than one show / web series in the last few days. We got to see all the films, shows, web series and animation series of Walt Disney Company as well as Indian adaptations of many foreign web series under the banner of Hotstar. Apart from adaptations like Criminal Justice, Arya, Hostages, web series were also seen on some original Indian stories like Special Ops, November Story and Eclipse. In 2019, the web series ‘City of Dreams’ directed by Nagesh Kukunoor did not get the desired success and the story came to a halt at such a juncture that the audience was a bit weary. Recently its season 2 has been released. The story has been completed with this and now the whole series can be enjoyed. City of Dreams Season 2 is special in many ways, it is a wonderful experience to see seasoned actors like Priya Bapat, Atul Kulkarni, Sachin politicizing each other.

City of Dreams is the story of the power of Mumbai and Maharashtra. In the first season, Ameya Gaikwad (Atul Kulkarni) along with his friend Jiten Pandya (Uday Tikekar) and his chef Jagdish Gurav (Sachin Pilgaonkar) captures power in the city of Mumbai and then in the politics of the state. The ambitious Jagdish also progresses with them and at some point Ameya opens fire on Gaikwad and Ameya is seriously injured. Ashish Gaikwad (Siddharth Chandekar), a vagabond heiress son of Ameya Gaikwad, tries to run the party so that there is no turmoil in the politics of the state. Due to his antics, he starts protesting, in such a situation, Jagdish makes his move and Ameya makes Gaikwad’s daughter Poornima Gaikwad (Priya Bapat) the chief ministerial candidate. In the sibling conflict, Purnima gets fed up with her brother’s irresponsible antics and with the help of a policeman Wasim Khan (Ajaz Khan) gets him killed by giving him an injection of drugs and takes power himself.

In the second season’s story, when Ameya Gaikwad gets the news of his son’s death and daughter becoming the Chief Minister, he understands that his daughter Poornima is playing the whole game and Jagdish Gurav has become his advisor. Ameya Gaikwad, lying in a wheelchair, saddened by the death of his son, starts a war against his daughter. For this he uses many tricks. There comes a threat to bring the story of the daughter being a lesbian in the media. The talk of the daughter’s first marriage with her boyfriend comes in the media. Makes the daughter’s boyfriend stand in front of the daughter as a candidate of the opposing party. Poornima answers her father’s every move, sometimes with her mind and sometimes with luck. Ameya Gaikwad, who hates Muslims, plans to have a riot in the Muslim settlement as a last resort, then Wasim Khan throws water on his plans. One of the rioters breaks into Poornima’s victory rally and manages to detonate the bomb. Many people die, Poornima and Wasim somehow survive but Purnima’s son is killed in this blast.

There were not many twists in the story in Season 1. The road to power was a story of roadblocks, but Season 2 is far better and tighter. In both the seasons, many small characters keep coming and going, but the effect of the characters of season 2 lasts for a long time. Many sub-plots keep going together. The role of Mahesh Aravalle (Adinath Kothare) as Purnima’s boyfriend is very well written. Adinath, playing the role of Dilip Vengsarkar in the upcoming film 83 (India’s Cricket World Cup Winning Story, directed by Kabir Khan) is a well-known actor in the Marathi film industry. Her idealism, her truthfulness and her dwindling political career when Ameya uses her to her advantage and Mahesh, annoyed by Poornima’s infidelity, lets her be used. The live depiction of how much a loser can compromise on principles when he gets the last chance to win, can be seen and read on Adinath’s face.

Seasons 1 and 2 follow only three characters. Atul Kulkarni, Priya Bapat and Sachin Pilgaonkar. Sachin has a long innings of acting experience. Not only has he been a favorite of big directors, but it does not seem that Nagesh Kukunoor would have had to explain anything to him for this role. The journey from chef to leader and then to state president of the party in state politics, was the journey of the character of a cowardly man. When Ameya Gaikwad comes out of an old police case to avenge his betrayal to him, a terrified Sachin immediately takes away Ameya Gaikwad’s favorite chicken and apologizes to him and saves himself. Huh. At that time Sachin forgets that he is the political guru of Poornima Gaikwad. Opportunity people are not opportunistic in appearance, but to save themselves in politics, how they are spit licked while smiling, this thing should be learned from this character of Sachin.

There is no need to introduce Atul Kulkarni’s talent and acting ability. Atul should be compared with water. They all adopt the character’s colour, form, shape, type and thoughts. A wounded leader whose daughter becomes the chief minister after killing her own brother, this man of patriarchal ideology is ready to do anything to humiliate his daughter and defeat her. The graph of Atul’s character keeps going up and down according to the demand of the story, but Atul, lying on a wheel chair, still overshadows all the characters standing on their feet. Priya Bapat is super active in Marathi films. In this web series, he has scattered the entire rainbow of acting. A terrified girl who, fed up with her brother’s irresponsible and arrogant politics, takes everything into her own hands and stands in front of her father’s arrogance by getting her brother murdered, wants to start a new kind of politics . Hindi audience does not know Priya.

The creator of the series is Nagesh Kukunoor and along with him his old colleague Rohit Banwalikar, who is the writer of the series. It was Rohit’s suggestion to use Marathi actors. Incorporating the necessary twists into the plot, each episode ends at a point that adds to the thrill and the climax of the series is so unpredictable that the viewers go into shock. If a daughter learns politics, she has to see her father and what not to do, she gets to know about it by seeing her brother. How her past keeps coming to the fore as her enemy and when she has to fight beyond all limits of her father’s opposition, she tries to strike a balance between sanskar and truth. This is a marvel of writing. The hero Nagesh or the artist of this series is not alone. Rohit has equal contribution in the success of this series.

The title track of the series “Yeh Hai Mayanagari” can define the entire series. Tapas Relia should get full praise for this work. This time the cinematography was given to Sangrami Giri and she has done a good job. Close up and mid shots have done all the work as this time the acting was given primacy to facial expressions. The editor is Farooq Hundekar and he has brought the speed and cliffhanger situations of the series at the right time to make the series suitable for “binge watching”. You have to go from one episode to another. This time the action was of a slightly different type, so this season Javed Karim has played this responsibility. The scene of the climax has become impressive due to his direction. In the first season, Mohammad Amin Khatib had directed the action scenes and in the first season there was not even that much action.

The opinion is that both the seasons of City of Dreams: Mayanagari should be watched. The total deposit will be around 14 hours of binge watching. If you want, you can also watch the seasons one by one, but it may not be that much fun. Thriller under the direction of Nagesh Kukunoor we are watching for the first time and after watching this series Nagesh will probably enjoy doing web series now because the season of 7 hours web series from 2 hours film, stories completely gives a chance to show. Have a look

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