Christmas 2020: Do something special this Christmas, share happiness instead of chocolate and toffee

Christmas 2020: 25 December is the very special day of Christmas. It is believed that Lord Jesus was born on this day. Since then, this day has been celebrated as his birth anniversary. Every year on the Christmas festival, Santa Claus comes and gives gifts to children. This is the reason why children wait for Santa Claus throughout the year. It is the specialty of India that there should be any festival here, but on this pretext, the poor and helpless are helped. If you want to celebrate Christmas in a different way this time, you can include the poor and the elderly in your happiness. Believe that your happiness will double. If you too are thinking the same this time, then you can take help of these ideas-

Become Santa Claus of helpless children
Christmas, you can include children in your festival who are living in a shelter home. Your love will bring happiness in their lives and on this excuse they will also be able to feel the beauty of society in a good way. So this time, share these children with your love and gift and make your festival special.

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How many such people live in Old Age Home, who are forced to spend the last time of their life away from family and loved ones. In this loneliness of the elderly, you can light a lamp of happiness. Your involvement in their loneliness will make them happy. So if you have not thought of anything different this time, then celebrate Christmas with these elders. Take their prayers and fill their gloom, loneliness with loving gifts. Of course you cannot do a lot, but maybe you can spend some time with them and let them live out of hope.

Make the day special by helping the poor
This time, you can make your own festival by giving gifts to those poor children in your neighborhood who are very poor and do not have enough resources to celebrate the joy of Christmas in a better way. The poor often do not have enough resources to celebrate the festival properly. This time you can give them the goods they need, on the pretext of a gift. With this excuse you can help the poor.

Share happiness on the pretext of anchoring
Apart from this, if there are some poor and such people living around your area, for whom it is difficult to raise bread for two time, then you can make an anchor for them. You can feed them what you want to feed them. We often do the same for mental peace, sometimes to share our happiness. So this time if you too are thinking something similar, then share your happiness by feeding food to the poor on the pretext of an anchor. You will enjoy spiritually.

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Animals also deserve mercy, happiness
Like humans, there are many such animals, which you will find hungry thirsty in the street, the streets. If you want to help them, then this festival can be a good excuse and you can feed these animals on the pretext of it, find a special place for them, where they can live and spend the winters. They can be worn in warm clothes. These idols will give you prayers and you will also feel inner happiness.


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