China’s economy will be stable in 2022 | China’s economy will remain stable in 2022 – Bhaskar

Digital Desk, Beijing. On December 15, Fu Linhue, the press spokesman for the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, said that the economic situation in China has not changed well this year. There is also a good basis for the stable growth of China’s economy in the next year. Fu Linhue presented five pillars of economic development. First, an increase in internal demand and people’s income in China will aid the growth of the economy. Second, innovation in science and technology is developing rapidly. Industries such as 5G industry, digital economy, life health, new materials are developing rapidly in China.

Third, the gap between urban and rural areas is steadily narrowing as urban and regional development continue to develop in a harmonious way. Fourth, China’s market is full of power, fueled by reform and opening up. Fifth, with the establishment of a new development framework, the economy of the domestic and external cycle is developing in the country. The above five bases are the main factors ensuring China’s stable economic development.



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